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  1. For hypoglycemia, my daughter eats small meals, five times a day. She still has headaches, stomach aches, and fatigue. Do you have any advice? (31 Mar 2006)

  2. We are finding that effectiveness of glargine diminishes within the month after first using the vial. Why is this? (31 Mar 2006)

  3. My six year old has had many "accidents" lately. She tested negative for any infection. Is it possible that her Ritalin is "camouflaging" the symptoms of diabetes? (30 Mar 2006)

  4. My grandson has been having numerous high blood sugars, then maybe a low. Should I be worried about the effects on his body? (30 Mar 2006)

  5. I have a 12 year old patient on Human Mixtard twice a day. Sometimes, she has low blood sugars, but a reduction in insulin causes high blood sugars. What do you suggest? (30 Mar 2006)

  6. When my daughter eats sugary foods, she often goes low. Why is this? She takes NovoLog and Lantus. (29 Mar 2006)

  7. The endocrinologist says my eight year old isn't eligible for a pump, that's it's too complicated. Why is she not eligible? (29 Mar 2006)

  8. My son says his tongue feels hot, but only when his blood sugar is over 120 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L]. Is there a link between this feeling and his diabetes? (29 Mar 2006)

  9. My teen daughter is now sleeping in on weekends. I check her blood sugar at her usual waking time. When she gets up, it has dropped. The endocrinologist suggested we lower her basal rate. What do you think? (29 Mar 2006)

  10. My ex-husband punishes our son if he forgets to remind his dad about his insulin shots or if our son forgets to check his blood sugar. Will the punishment make him more responsible? Is the punishment a good or bad idea? (29 Mar 2006)

  11. My one year old was diagnosed a month ago. He gets Insulatard only in the morning. A split dose caused late night lows. But, he's high in the morning. What do you suggest? (29 Mar 2006)

  12. My toddler, diagnosed with type 1 early this year, runs away crying when I try to do injections anywhere but her arms. Do you have any advice about how to get her to let me do shots elsewhere? (28 Mar 2006)

  13. Can you suggest some healthy higher carbohydrate foods? I am looking for foods I can serve in smaller amounts and still get the proper number of carbohydrates. (28 Mar 2006)

  14. Why is your blood sugar lower on one hand than the other when it is checked at the same time? (28 Mar 2006)

  15. I am 35 weeks pregnant and have had two three hour glucose tests done. The doctor was not concerned. Should I be? (28 Mar 2006)

  16. Can persistent elevated glucose levels be harmful directly without elevated lipids and other tests? (28 Mar 2006)

  17. I have been waking up with very low blood sugars and realize that I am no longer symptomatic when low. Are these lows harmful? (28 Mar 2006)

  18. My 12 year old has been having unexplained, prolonged lows. She isn't absorbing food properly. We are awaiting the results of her endoscopy. What else should we check? (27 Mar 2006)

  19. I'm worried that my next A1c will be high, mainly because my mom will be angry. How can I tell my mom about my highs without her getting mad? (27 Mar 2006)

  20. Although he had a normal A1c, my son has had some elevated blood sugars. Could these be caused by his ADHD medications? (26 Mar 2006)

  21. Last Monday, my granddaughter was hospitalized with a stomach bug. She hasn't needed insulin since. Is this common? Does she still have diabetes? (26 Mar 2006)

  22. Where can I find statistics on type 1 diabetes in the U.S.? Is type 1 on the rise like type 2 is? (26 Mar 2006)

  23. On weekdays, I don't check my blood sugar in the morning. I guess what it is and take insulin. I'm usually fine at lunch time. Is this okay or do I need morning checks? (26 Mar 2006)

  24. I have type 2 with PCOS. Five years ago, I was put on insulin. My A1c went from 9.0 to 7.6. I am still on insulin. Will I ever be able to stop taking it? (26 Mar 2006)

  25. What should I do with my pump during sexual intercourse? For me, wearing it is not an option. (26 Mar 2006)

  26. To correct a high, does a larger dose of insulin cause a faster drop in blood sugar? (25 Mar 2006)

  27. I am 16 and have been in treatment programs several times to help me take better care of myself. I was doing well, but am slipping back into old habits. Why do I always need help? (25 Mar 2006)

  28. Recently, my friend was 80 mg/dl [4.4 mmol/L] and ate lots of sweets. Then, she was 400 mg/dl [22.2 mmol/L]. She took insulin and went to bed. Is this normal? Should she be eating this way? (25 Mar 2006)

  29. Recently, while on vacation, I had to re-use some pump sites. Once, I was quite high for a couple of hours. Will this affect my A1c? (25 Mar 2006)

  30. During her recent illness, I gave my daughter glucagon twice to bring up her blood sugars. She is still running low. What could be going on? (24 Mar 2006)

  31. My daughter is gaining weight, skipping meals and acting more defiant, not wanting to discuss her diabetes at all. What should we do? (23 Mar 2006)

  32. My teen daughter was diagnosed with type 1 eight years ago. Recently, a new doctor ran some tests and said my daughter no longer has diabetes. Is this possible? Should we find another doctor? (23 Mar 2006)

  33. My son has had hearing loss in both ears since birth. Last month, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Could he have DIDMOAD? (23 Mar 2006)

  34. Years ago, I had my belly button pierced, but it did not heal. Is it okay to try it again? My doctor doesn't recommend it because of my age and my diabetes. (23 Mar 2006)

  35. I have been on insulin since January. My average blood sugar is continuing to drop. How quickly should the average go down? How long will I have the symptoms I feel related to the gradual drop? (23 Mar 2006)

  36. My five year old had some blood tests done. Her glucose level was 59 mg/dl [3.3 mmol/L], and her cortisol and cholesterol levels were high. What does this mean? (23 Mar 2006)

  37. Because she has ADHD, the doctor has suggested that my daughter take grape seed extract and pycogenol to help lower glutamate. Will these affect the blood sugar control? (21 Mar 2006)

  38. Is there a sanctioned "National Emergency - Act of God" type of stockpile plan for type 1 diabetics from the CDC or ADA, etc? I am concerned about the availability of supplies when the avian flu hits the U.S. (21 Mar 2006)

  39. Given my son's diagnosis with type 1 and autoimmune disorders I have had, should I be monitoring my younger daughter somehow? Is there a link between the fatty acid of the liver I had during my last pregnancy and autoimmune disorders? (21 Mar 2006)

  40. When on Dexamenthasane for her leukemia, my daughter's blood sugars do not go down, even with insulin. Would Chromax chromium picolinate be helpful? (21 Mar 2006)

  41. My toddler has rotavirus. I'm concerned about my son, who has had type 1 for about a year. What do I do if he shows signs of the illness? (21 Mar 2006)

  42. My boyfriend has had type 1 for 24 years. Sometimes, he is combative when he is low and fights me when I try to feed him. Is this common? He often doesn't know that he is low so I am afraid to leave him alone. What do you suggest? (21 Mar 2006)

  43. My 20 month old is having more tantrums and misbehavior since her diagnosis with type 1 six weeks ago. Is is related to her diabetes or her age? (21 Mar 2006)

  44. My son takes both ADHD medications and insulin. Could his afternoon lows be caused by the ADHD medications? (21 Mar 2006)

  45. Recently, an hour after a Burger King meal, I was 207 mg/dl [7.9 mmol/L]. At two hours, I was 142 mg/dl [7.9 mmol/L]. How bad is it to be over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] at the one hour mark? (21 Mar 2006)

  46. Where can I find information on clinical trials? I was diagnosed with type 1 a year ago and want to participate. I am concerned about the cut-off age of 35 for most trials. (21 Mar 2006)

  47. My daughter has been drinking a lot and wetting her bed. Blood tests at the doctor were normal, but he recommended an endocrinologist and home monitoring. With some high readings, could she have MODY? (20 Mar 2006)

  48. Although I was diagnosed with type 2, how can I be sure the doctor's diagnosis was correct? I am uninsured and cannot afford to see a doctor. (19 Mar 2006)

  49. Because my daughter had moderate ketones, I checked her blood sugars with a glucometer. Some were elevated, but her fasting test at the doctor's was normal. What could be going on? (19 Mar 2006)

  50. Yesterday, I administered glucagon to my co-worker who was seizing. I may not have mixed it completely and it had expired. Will that harm her? (19 Mar 2006)

  51. Is there a meter that really works without a fingerstick? (18 Mar 2006)

  52. My daughter was diagnosed with a seizure disorder in October 2005. Since January, she has had random elevated blood sugars. She was GAD positive, but negative on other tests. Does this sound like type 1? Is there another reason for being GAD positive? (18 Mar 2006)

  53. After living with diabetes for 42.5 years, I was diagnosed with a microaneurysm in my right eye. Do these ever resolve themselves? Can I really wait a year for my next exam? (18 Mar 2006)

  54. How do I know that my child has not been misdiagnosed? At the pediatrician's office, my daughter had high ketones and her blood sugar was HI. Could her diet have affected her blood sugar? (17 Mar 2006)

  55. I am a school nurse with a first grader with type 1. Although I understand carbohydrate counting, can insulin be abused by allowing too many carbohydrates? Shouldn't parents opt for reduced sugar jellies and such? (17 Mar 2006)

  56. Are there any islet cell transplantation trials for children? (17 Mar 2006)

  57. My infant son was diagnosed with neonatal diabetes at the age of five weeks. How do we know if it is transient? Is transient diabetes diagnosed via testing or a gradual reduction of insulin? (17 Mar 2006)

  58. Because of a family history of diabetes, I often check my blood sugar. It is often higher after drinking coffee. Is this normal? (15 Mar 2006)

  59. I recently discovered that I was taking too much metformin on a daily basis due to wrong instructions on the bottle. What kind of damage could this have caused? I often don't feel well. (15 Mar 2006)

  60. What are the options for someone who takes animal insulin and cannot take regular or synthetic insulins? (15 Mar 2006)

  61. Since my first childbirth experience was so bad, I want to wait until I go into labor with this child. I've read that inductions are only necessary when there are complications. So far, my pregnancy has been uneventuful. What is your opinion? (15 Mar 2006)

  62. My son is required to tape his Medic Alert bracelet or not wear it at all during cross country and track races. I am trying to have this changed. Has anyone else ever tried to amend a similar rule? (14 Mar 2006)

  63. When my son wakes during the night and is low, he later says he was seeing scary things. Is this type of reaction normal? (14 Mar 2006)

  64. If someone is dehydrated and has darker than normal urine, can the colour of the urine affect the colour of the strip, when testing for urine ketones or urine glucose, giving false results? (14 Mar 2006)

  65. My son was diagnosed with type 1 shortly after his last PAFPA episode. Is there any relationship between PAFPA and the diagnosis of type 1? (14 Mar 2006)

  66. Can you tell me the difference between type 1 diabetes and type 1.5? Is it true that type 1.5 will eventually evolve into type 1? (14 Mar 2006)

  67. Can the symptoms of diabetes be minor if blood sugar levels are kept under control with exercise? (14 Mar 2006)

  68. I had frequent lows when taking my medications. The doctor suspects I have type 1 and am in my honeymoon. What do you think? Will I eventually need insulin? (14 Mar 2006)

  69. How can insulin really help people with type 2 who have insulin resistance? Can living in big, crowded and polluted cities cause persistent hyperglycemia? (12 Mar 2006)

  70. Does alcohol cause low blood sugar?If a non-diabetic passes out and has a severely low blood sugar, can they be given glucagon? (12 Mar 2006)

  71. Should a sulfonylurea-biguanide combination for someone with type 2 be administered before or after meals? (12 Mar 2006)

  72. My daughter has been feeding her son anything in wants, giving him insulin up to ten times a day. His blood sugars are usually quite high. I have diabetes and this doesn't sound right. Is there this big a difference in the way children are treated? (12 Mar 2006)

  73. What are the odds of one family having three children with diabetes? Could my children have type 1 due to their father's family having rheumatoid arthritis? (11 Mar 2006)

  74. Although my son tested negative for celiac four months ago, he now has many symptoms of it. Can he still develop it? Will they test for it again sooner because of his symptoms? (11 Mar 2006)

  75. The neurologist and endocrinologist disagree about the cause of my son's recent seizure. Could he have been low before the seizure stopped? He was 106 mg/dl [5.9 mmol/L] afterwards. (11 Mar 2006)

  76. Since my treatment for Hepatitis C, I have developed diabetes. Is this common? What type is it? I was told both type 1 and type 2. (10 Mar 2006)

  77. My son has several symptoms, including dizziness and nausea. A variety of tests have been inconclusive. Based on his blood sugars and the symptoms, could he have pre-diabetes? (10 Mar 2006)

  78. Do you know of any insulin pens/cartridges for Humalog that currently come in one-half unit increments? (10 Mar 2006)

  79. I am concerned about my son's recent blood work. The doctor said not to worry, but I want another opinion. Are these results normal in children with diabetes? (10 Mar 2006)

  80. Despite antibiotics and extra insulin, my six year old still has highs and ketones. What could be going on? She also had blood in her stool last week. What could cause this? (9 Mar 2006)

  81. My daughter was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I haven't met with a dietitian yet. Can you tell me what types of foods she can and cannot have? (9 Mar 2006)

  82. Which insulin is better, human or animal? Why is animal insulin no longer produced? I am concerned about the side effects of human insulin. (8 Mar 2006)

  83. After diagnosis, several of my daughter's A1c reports referred to a higher A1c due to the presence of fetal hemoglobin. What does this mean? (7 Mar 2006)

  84. Can some carbohydrate/sugar be absorbed by cells without needing insulin? What is the affect of foods' natural color? Can some people not be suitable candidates for insulin? (7 Mar 2006)

  85. I've always been a Diet Coke drinker because my mom has type 1. Does it really contain bad things? (7 Mar 2006)

  86. Since the pediatrician couldn't tell me why my four year old had ketones, I tested her fasting blood sugars. The highest was 142 mg/dl [7.9 mmol/L]. She says her stomach hurts, but she's eating and drinking a lot. What do you think is going on? (7 Mar 2006)

  87. My adult son is not taking care of his diabetes. He won't talk to me about it, but has told his dad he is not taking his medications. How can I help him get on the right path? (7 Mar 2006)

  88. I used my prescription plan to buy insulin for my newly diagnosed daughter. I then found out my medical insurance would cover it, but says I have to get it through my prescription plan. Can you explain why this is? (7 Mar 2006)

  89. When will there be a continuous glucose sensor for children under 18? How will they deal with corrections at school? When will there be a true "artificial pancreas?" (6 Mar 2006)

  90. Where can I find a complete list of low glycemic foods? How bad is it if my son eats cereal every day? (6 Mar 2006)

  91. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant. Is my eight month old baby at risk for having diabetes? Should I ask the pediatrician to test her? (6 Mar 2006)

  92. How can we convince our daughter not to sneak candy? We have tried rewarding her for good blood sugars and punishing her for sneaking and highs. What do you suggest? (6 Mar 2006)

  93. How do sugar alcohols affect your blood sugar and insulin requirements? Do you subtract the sugar alcohols? (5 Mar 2006)

  94. My daughter has blood sugars from 16 to 500 mg/dl [0.9 to 27.8 mmol/L], but doesn't feel high or low. Could she not have diabetes? Could our meters be malfunctioning? (5 Mar 2006)

  95. My six year old's doctor has told us to give her Insulin 30/70 Human Biphasic Isophane (Mixtard 30 Novolet) twice a day. Is this a good regimen for her? (4 Mar 2006)

  96. My son has the symptoms of hypoglycemia, but the doctor won't diagnose him with it until my son passes out or has a seizure. Hoe do we get him diagnosed? What do you suggest? (4 Mar 2006)

  97. Diagnosed five weeks ago, my son was on Levemir and Humalog. His new doctor said to stop the Humalog, that my son is in "remission." Is this an appropriate regimen? (4 Mar 2006)

  98. Where can I find information about pregnancy for a teen with type 1 diabetes? (4 Mar 2006)

  99. I am confused about the DCCT. I have read that those with good control can still develop complications. Do you know the percentage of those with good control who develop renal failure? (4 Mar 2006)

  100. What do you know about handicapped passes for kids with type 1 diabetes at Disney World ? (4 Mar 2006)

  101. Although I almost always take my insulin, I don't always check my blood sugar. How can I get back on track? (4 Mar 2006)

  102. Are there any companies close to making a transdermal patch for the delivery of insulin? (4 Mar 2006)

  103. My daughter, who has diabetes since she was 18 months old, has been lying about her blood sugars, sneaking foods, not taking her medications. She is seeing a counselor, but her behavior hasn't changed. Do you have any recommendations? (4 Mar 2006)

  104. I am not happy with my daughter's A1c of 9.5. To improve it, and bring down highs after snacks, should she be taking insulin for snacks? Can she skip snack if her blood sugar is normal? She takes Lantus and fast-acting insulin for meals. (4 Mar 2006)

  105. I was diagnosed with type 2 in January and am controlling it through diet and exercise. Other than diet, is there anything else I should do or be concerned about? (3 Mar 2006)

  106. My daughter gets her insulin through an Insuflon. She is often low before lunch. Is it from injecting two insulins into the same site? What do you recommend? (3 Mar 2006)

  107. My 13 month old has had random blood sugars of 114 and 117 mg/dl [6.3 and 6.5 mmol/L]. Should I be concerned? (3 Mar 2006)

  108. We have two sons with type 1, yet their two sisters do not have it. Why did the boys get diabetes and not the girls? Are the underlying causes of type 1 diabetes known? (3 Mar 2006)

  109. Is there a special mouth rinse that diabetics should use after brushing their teeth? (3 Mar 2006)

  110. I had diabetes before my gastric bypass. Now, I have reactive hypoglycemia and maybe nesidioblastosis. Is a partial pancreatectomy the only treatment? (3 Mar 2006)

  111. Is the A1c an accurate reflection of someone's blood sugars? What about daily fluctuations? (2 Mar 2006)

  112. When my granddaughter's blood sugar is very low, she jerks her head and shakes all over, not recognizing her own mother. What is this? (2 Mar 2006)

  113. Can the symptoms of hypoglycemia mimic diabetes, even if you are not diabetic? Does it increase the risk of developing type 2? (2 Mar 2006)

  114. I have been on prednisone for five months and have gained weight I cannot lose. I am a triathlete, so I get a lot of exercise. Could I be insulin resistant? (2 Mar 2006)

  115. Are there any studies about the effects of altitude on blood sugars? When I visit Denver, which is a higher altitude, I experience hyperglycemia. (2 Mar 2006)

  116. My teen son will be traveling in Europe this summer. Should he need it, can he buy additional Lantus and NovoLog there? (2 Mar 2006)

  117. Is it possible to have celiac disease without testing positive for the antibodies? I tested negative, but have symptoms. My mom and sister have it. My mom and my son both have type 1 diabetes. (2 Mar 2006)

  118. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 in December 2005. She had GAD antibodies. Her blood sugars fluctuate daily. Is it type 1 or type 1.5, as her doctors have suggested? (1 Mar 2006)

  119. My eight year old daughter is obese and has hyperinsulinemia. The local children's hospital won't see her until she's 10. What do you recommend? (1 Mar 2006)

  120. Since most fruits are considerably higher in sugars/starches than most vegetables, why don't more nutritionists recommend skipping the fruits in lieu of vegetables with a low glycemic index? (1 Mar 2006)

  121. Do you think it is okay for an 11 year old male, who has diabetes, to share a room with his older sister? Would he be more susceptible to infections? (1 Mar 2006)

  122. My daughter is going away to college in the fall. Can she request academic accommodations from college/professors? (1 Mar 2006)

  123. Recently, my five year old's cholesterol was 195. The test was done five minutes after he ate lunch. Are the results still accurate? Should I be concerned about his slightly high LDL? (1 Mar 2006)

  124. My son has type 1. He has been having problems swallowing, that he is choking. Is this related to his diabetes? (1 Mar 2006)

  125. When hospitalized with large ketones, my son got Regular and Lantus, which worked well. Back home, the doctor has said to use his usual Lantus/NovoLog regimen, but he's high again. What should I do? (1 Mar 2006)

  126. If a type 1 diabetic uses a pump and maintains tight control (A1c under 6.5), will they still get complications? When I attended nursing school in the 1970's, we were taught that good control would only delay the onset of complications, not prevent them. (1 Mar 2006)

  127. What exactly does having high blood sugars/high A1c for a long time do to your body and organs? I want to know if I really need to aim for my son's blood sugar to be 100 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L] versus 150 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L]. (1 Mar 2006)

  128. Since getting her flu shot two months ago, my daughter has had high blood sugars. Are the highs from the shot? (1 Mar 2006)

  129. My daughter and I have type 1. My infant son recently had readings of 8 and 9 mmol/L [144 and 162 mg/dl]. Are there other tests I should consider? (1 Mar 2006)

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Linda Mackowiak, RN, MS, FNP, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist)

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Rick Philbin, M.Ed., A.T.C., C.S.C.S (Sports Medicine, member since July 2004)

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Heather Speer, MPH, CCRC, CDE (Clinical Diabetes Research and Education Coordinator, member since July 1998)

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