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  1. My teen daughter has type 1, celiac, thyroid disease, and lupus-like symptoms. Why has she been producing ketones, for six months, despite good diabetes control? (30 Apr 2006)

  2. Is diabetes inherited? My uncle had type 1. Could my daughter have it since she is not gaining weight? (30 Apr 2006)

  3. Diagnosed with type 1 in 1970, my OB-GYN has been my diabetes doctor since 1977. I have given birth to 10 children and do not really have any problems with my diabetes, except for lows after working this night shift. I rarely test my blood sugars. Is my situation normal or unusual? (30 Apr 2006)

  4. What are the adverse effects of insulin, aside from hypoglycemia, for someone with type 2? Can more insulin force arterial wall muscles to relax in excess or for a prolonged time? (30 Apr 2006)

  5. Are glucose tolerance tests more accurate at diagnosing diabetes than strips or regular blood work? (30 Apr 2006)

  6. My 13 year old is having intermittent insulin resistance at mid-morning and dinner time. Is it related to his growth spurt? Are corrections the best course of action? Will these erratic sugars continue? (30 Apr 2006)

  7. My daughter has insulin resistance, not diabetes. Her doctor is putting her on Glucophage to regulate her insulin. Is this the right course of action? Does she have diabetes? (29 Apr 2006)

  8. People are often telling me about a "cure" for diabetes, be it supplements, glyconutrients, etc. How do I know if any of them are legitimate? (29 Apr 2006)

  9. My mother takes an oral medication and Lantus for her type 2. She is on prednisone. I've heard NPH is the best insulin to take while on prednisone. Is this true? What effect do steroids have on blood sugars? (29 Apr 2006)

  10. If my child is over 250 mg/dl [13.9 mmol/L] with no ketones, is it okay to let her exercise if she recently took insulin? Won't the insulin help the body convert the blood sugar to energy? (29 Apr 2006)

  11. My boyfriend's doctor told him excessive blood pressure is okay since he is growing. Is this true? My boyfriend also had numbness in his ears and hands. What does this mean? (26 Apr 2006)

  12. What affect does stress have on blood sugar levels? What are the effects of meditation or similar religious practices on blood sugars? (25 Apr 2006)

  13. In the past five years, my 21 year old son has had three violent and dangerous seizures. He is recovering from surgery for injuries sustained during his last one. Are such seizures typical of diabetics? (25 Apr 2006)

  14. I am overweight and exercise regularly, but cannot lose weight. I take medication for Graves' disease and have had other illnesses over the years. My recent blood sugar was slightly elevated. I am exhausted. What could be going on? (25 Apr 2006)

  15. Due to behavioral issues at school, my son was diagnosed with ADD, but when the medications didn't work, it was determined he does not have ADD. Could the behavioral issues be related to his diabetes? (25 Apr 2006)

  16. If Dr. Faustman's phase 1 clinical trials turn out promising and the trials continue, how long until the product becomes available to diabetics? (25 Apr 2006)

  17. Is it true that you should not use alcohol swabs to clean area where a finger prick will be done? (25 Apr 2006)

  18. Could my son be in the early stages of the diabetes? He had two elevated blood sugar readings on my meter, but no symptoms. His laboratory reading was normal. (25 Apr 2006)

  19. If a child is in the 300 to 460 mg/dl [16.7 and 25.6 mmol/L] range, is it okay for her to exercise to lower her blood sugars? (25 Apr 2006)

  20. My father has kept his medication in the freezer. Is this okay? When should he take it? Are cinnamon and bitter melon helpful? Can diabetic nephropathy be reversed? If current drugs do not work, what is the next option? (24 Apr 2006)

  21. What can you tell me about reusable insulin pens? (24 Apr 2006)

  22. I have type 1, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and celiac. I now have several other symptoms and need to take less insulin. What should I do? (24 Apr 2006)

  23. I suspect my son has diabetes. I tested him with expired test strips. Would this alter the results? Should I be concerned based on his blood sugars? (22 Apr 2006)

  24. Can high blood sugars cause anxiety or panic attacks and be stopped with insulin in a quick amount of time? Also, can reading vision change with blood sugar changes? (22 Apr 2006)

  25. The school nurse suggested we get our son test because he has symptoms of acanthosis nigricans. Is this a sign of diabetes? What should I do? We have no insurance. (21 Apr 2006)

  26. When we took our son to the endocrinologist, I was concerned about highs per his meter. But, his A1c was measured at 4.5. How can this be? The endocrinologist accused us of falsifying his meter readings! I don't trust him any more. (20 Apr 2006)

  27. Why do most experts suggest postprandial checks at two hours? What affects do higher fat meals and extended boluses have on this? (20 Apr 2006)

  28. Sometimes, my son has extended, almost untreatable lows. We often stop giving him insulin. Then, if he has a high, it comes down on its own. What is your opinion of this situation? (20 Apr 2006)

  29. My daughter has been complaining of stomach pain in the morning. Her blood sugars are usually normal. Her appetite has changed, too. What could this be? (20 Apr 2006)

  30. To prevent morning lows, I have to ensure that my son's 2 a.m. blood sugar is elevated. Also, activity causes him to be low later. Is this normal? (20 Apr 2006)

  31. Three times, my daughter has had seizures following an illness. The doctor suggested ketotic hypoglycemia, but her blood sugars were not that low. What do you think? (19 Apr 2006)

  32. The doctor performed two fasting blood glucose tests on my son. One was elevated, one was normal, so he was not concerned. We did random testing at home and my son had several elevated readings. Should I take him to a pediatric endocrinologist? (19 Apr 2006)

  33. My daughter's 504 doesn't seem to help with academic issues, such as missing class time when treating high and low blood sugars. What should I do? (19 Apr 2006)

  34. When my daughter is high around midnight, I find a correction has little effect. I have to do a second correction to see her blood sugar drop. Why is this? (17 Apr 2006)

  35. My blood sugar averages between 140 and 160 mg/dl [7.8 to 8.9 mmol/L] two hours after meals. Do I have diabetes, pre-diabetes or neither? (17 Apr 2006)

  36. I recently compared my meter readings with those taken by a laboratory and there was a discrepancy. Why is this? Could I still have diabetes? (17 Apr 2006)

  37. I was diagnosed with postpartum thyroiditis after my daughter's birth, but my TSH levels later returned to normal. I am again symptomatic. Is it still possible to have hyperthyroidism even though my TSH levels are "normal?" (15 Apr 2006)

  38. My husband has recurring "sores" or "bites." The doctor says it is diabetes. Is this possible? (15 Apr 2006)

  39. Since his diagnosis 29 years ago, my son's father has never seen a doctor about his type 1 diabetes. He doesn't acknowledge it because it could affect his pilot's license. Should he be on the lookout for anything? Should I worry about my son flying with him? Should I do anything to protect my son from developing diabetes? (15 Apr 2006)

  40. My daughter recently had a blood sugar of 216 mg/dl [12.0 mmol/L] at the doctor's office, after ketones and sugar were found in her urine. At the ER, her blood sugar was normal so they did not diagnose diabetes. Should we investigate this further? (15 Apr 2006)

  41. Sometimes, my heart rate jumps, I shake, maybe get a slight fever, feel tired, urinate a lot and am thirsty/hungry. Could this be diabetes? (15 Apr 2006)

  42. If researchers were successful at preventing type 1 and reversing it in the newly diagnosed, would they stop doing research to help longer time sufferers of the disease? (15 Apr 2006)

  43. My daughter feels that having diabetes is unfair and that she should be able to eat whatever she wants. But, she does not take insulin for all the food she eats. What should I do? Is depression normal for children with diabetes? (15 Apr 2006)

  44. My son was recently diagnosed. Can he drink low sugar squash at any time or just at meal and snack times? (15 Apr 2006)

  45. My teen daughter often forgets to test or bolus. We've tried restrictions and rewards, now counseling. Is there anything else? I'm extremely frustrated! (14 Apr 2006)

  46. My daughter is at risk for diabetes. She overeats and doesn't exercise. What can I do to help her avoid diabetes? (13 Apr 2006)

  47. I need to take rapid acting insulin four or five times a day because NPH doesn't work well for me. Do others have issues with insulin not working? (13 Apr 2006)

  48. I have a lot of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes, but my doctor won't test me for it. What should I do? (13 Apr 2006)

  49. Since my mom died of diabetes complications, I monitor my blood sugars. Most are in range, but a few are elevated. Could the higher sugars have caused my sudden cataracts? (13 Apr 2006)

  50. At the ER for a fall, my daughter's blood glucose was very high. I refused to let the doctor give her extra insulin. Once home, she was quite low. Could extra insulin cause cerebral edema? Am I right that the doctor would have caused an insulin overdose? (13 Apr 2006)

  51. Can pregnancy cause high blood sugars? (13 Apr 2006)

  52. If you eat a snack with fewer than five grams of carbohydrates, how long after that can you eat another similar snack and still not affect blood sugars? (13 Apr 2006)

  53. Sometimes when I pull the needle out after giving an injection, a bit of insulin comes out of my arm. Why does it happen? Is this common? (12 Apr 2006)

  54. My father has had type 2 diabetes for eight years. What medicine can he take to get rid of his diabetes? (12 Apr 2006)

  55. When he is angry with me, my ten year old disconnects his pump as if to say "so there!" Is this normal? How should I deal with this? Our endocrinologist does not have a counselor. (12 Apr 2006)

  56. What is the highest an A1c can be? (12 Apr 2006)

  57. Diagnosed with type 1 in December, my daughter's been able to go without insulin for two months. Is this common? What do you think about the rash and joint pain she's had? The doctor said the rash was dry skin. (11 Apr 2006)

  58. My daughter is drinking and urinating a lot. She tested negative for diabetes. Would this test have been for diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus? (11 Apr 2006)

  59. A month ago, my sister had three antibody tests. Only anti-GAD was positive, but the doctor was unsure if she has type 1. What is your opinion? (9 Apr 2006)

  60. When my boyfriend's son is with us, we inject insulin in his arms and legs, but mom only uses his buttocks. How can we get her to rotate the sites? (9 Apr 2006)

  61. We have tried various approaches, but cannot get our daughter's morning blood sugars to be in range. Do you have any recommendations? (9 Apr 2006)

  62. During some recent blood work, my son had a low blood sugar. The doctor has said to test him and give him frequent meals. I am more concerned about elevated blood sugars, but she isn't. Should I push for more tests or see a pediatric endocrinologist? (8 Apr 2006)

  63. My newly diagnosed niece is losing hair. Is this from a lack of nutrients or stress? Is celiac testing routine for those newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? (8 Apr 2006)

  64. Are there any long-term complications associated with taking more than one unit of insulin per kilogram, if you eat healthy and are not overweight? (8 Apr 2006)

  65. Do fluctuations in blood sugar causing a high or a low affect a child's behavior? Is aggressive behavior common for people with high blood sugars? (8 Apr 2006)

  66. Despite increasing his nighttime Protophane, my son is waking with high blood sugars. What could be causing this? (7 Apr 2006)

  67. My son eats a lot of sweets. Does this, plus his father's type 1 diagnosis, put him at risk for type 1? (7 Apr 2006)

  68. The nurse at the middle school told my daughter she didn't need to treat a blood sugar of 33 mg/dl [1.8 mmol/L] because she was not symptomatic. How responsible is a child when that low? (6 Apr 2006)

  69. My daughter has had five episodes of vomiting, then DKA, in 18 months. Several doctors are stumped. Should I approach this as a gastrointestinal issue? What else do you suggest? (6 Apr 2006)

  70. Two years ago, my teen daughter moved in with her mom. Since then, she has not taken care of her diabetes and has high A1cs. What can we do for our daughter? I'm very worried about her. (6 Apr 2006)

  71. When do you think scientists will find a cure for diabetes? Will they use dogs to help since dogs have a good sense of smell? (6 Apr 2006)

  72. My endocrinologist recommends blood sugars of 60 to 100 mg/dl [3.3 to 5.6 mmol/L] during pregnancy. I have been much lower than that, even needed glucagon twice. What should I do? (6 Apr 2006)

  73. I was diagnosed with type 1 16 months ago. Without taking insulin, my last three A1cs were normal. How long can I go on without insulin? (5 Apr 2006)

  74. I had gestational diabetes with my earlier pregnancies. This time, by 18 weeks, I needed as much insulin as I did at the end of my previous pregnancies. My doctor thinks something other than gestational diabetes may be going on. What do you think? (5 Apr 2006)

  75. According to the doctor, my daughter had sugar in her urine at her recent check-up and needs a re-test in two weeks. Should I be worried? (4 Apr 2006)

  76. When my seven year old is high and her blood sugar starts to drop, she gets very stubborn hiccups. Is there any relationship between the two? (4 Apr 2006)

  77. Despite an extended bolus on her pump, my seven year old has delayed highs after eating pizza, ice cream and doughnuts. What do you suggest? (4 Apr 2006)

  78. I had to take my daughter to the ER with flu-like symptoms and ketones. She is now home and has moderate ketones. How do I get rid of them without another ER visit? (4 Apr 2006)

  79. With no insurance and living in Texas, how can my 18 year old grandson get his diabetes medications? He takes NovoLog and Lente. (4 Apr 2006)

  80. I am 25, have type 1, and have just received a fellowship to work in Southeast or East Asia. Am I likely to encounter problems finding diabetes supplies? I have explained my situation and asked to be placed near a large city. (3 Apr 2006)

  81. Is it normal for a type 2 patient to have C-peptide levels that are dropping about 1 point per year? Does this mean the patient has LADA, not type 2? (3 Apr 2006)

  82. What are the true effects of aspartame? Is it safe to give a child? (3 Apr 2006)

  83. My husband, who has type 2, has been urinating more frequently. Twice, he had blood in his urine. Is something to be concerned about? (3 Apr 2006)

  84. Could hypoglycemia be the cause of my depression? (3 Apr 2006)

  85. I was diagnosed with type 1 seven months ago. My last two A1cs were normal, so I began to think I might really have type 2. Is this possible? I've skipped insulin the past two weeks and have mostly normal blood sugars. My extreme thirst continues. Is it because I took insulin unnecessarily? (2 Apr 2006)

The Diabetes Team

Bill Jones, MD (Specialist in the management of diabetes during pregnancy, member since April 1997)
Marco Songini, MD (Italy) (Pediatric, adolescent, and adult endocrinologist and diabetologist, member since April 1997)
Larry Deeb, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since July 1998)
John Schulga, MBChB MRCGP MRCP FRCPCH (UK) (Consultant Paediatrician in childhood and adolescent diabetes and endocrinology, member since July 1999)
Stuart Brink, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 1999)
Matthew Brown, MD (Pediatrician and a Pediatric Diabetologist, member since January 2000)
Jim Lane, MD (Adult Endocrinologist, member since November 2000)
David Schwartz, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since May 2001)
Andrea Scaramuzza, MD (Italy) (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 2003)
Linda DiMeglio, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist)

Barb Schreiner, RN, MPH, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist, member since July 2002)
Jane Seley, RN, GNP, MPH, MSN, CDE, CHES (Diabetes Nurse Practitioner, member since August 2002)
Joe Solowiejczyk, RN, MSW (Family Therapist, member since April 2010)
Linda Mackowiak, RN, MS, FNP, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist)

Jill Weissberg-Benchell, PhD (Medical Psychology and Psychiatry, member since January 2000)

James Michael Schurig, MS, RD, LD, CDE (Dietitian, member since December 2000)

Exercise Physiologists
Rick Philbin, M.Ed., A.T.C., C.S.C.S (Sports Medicine, member since July 2004)

Lois Schmidt Finney, RD, MPH, CDE (DPT-1 Research Coordinator, member since July 1998)
Heather Speer, MPH, CCRC, CDE (Clinical Diabetes Research and Education Coordinator, member since July 1998)

Social Workers
Debbie Butler, CDE, MSW, LICSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, member since October 2004)

And Our Occasional Experts

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