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  1. Which vegetables have a minimal effect on blood sugars? Are nuts harmful or beneficial to diabetic patients who also have heart disease? (31 Dec 2006)

  2. Since he was diagnosed at 23 months, my son's doctor ordered antibody tests to see if my son has non-autoimmune diabetes. What do the results mean? Could he have non-autoimmune diabetes? What will tests for the KCNJ11 mutation show? (31 Dec 2006)

  3. My 13-year-old daughter has had diabetes for eight and a half years. Should she have dad a protein screen done by now? (31 Dec 2006)

  4. Is the quantity of urine passed in 24 hours related more or less to the loss of sugar in urine and consequent variations in blood glucose levels? (31 Dec 2006)

  5. Are there any weight loss supplements that are safe for me to take? I'm 15 and overweight. (30 Dec 2006)

  6. The product information for the Lamictal I am taking says to watch for symptoms of diabetes. I have been thirsty and urinating often. Could I be developing diabetes? (30 Dec 2006)

  7. My son, diagnosed with type 1, had negative antibodies, therefore non-autoimmune diabetes. So, are there treatments other than insulin? His younger sister tested normal. What are the chances she will develop diabetes? (29 Dec 2006)

  8. Why does my husband feel good when his sugar is high and feel bad when it's normal or low? (29 Dec 2006)

  9. My teen son, diagnosed with type 1 a year ago, recently had an elevated microalbumin. Should he start an ACE inhibitor? He sees a nephrologist in February. Should we wait that long? (29 Dec 2006)

  10. When I reach the bottom of my insulin pen, I sometimes require less insulin. Is the insulin becoming more concentrated? Can it also be distributed unevenly and cause variations in insulin response? (27 Dec 2006)

  11. About once every six weeks, my daughter has high nighttime blood sugars that do not respond well to corrections. Is there a physiological explanation for this? What do you suggest? Do others have this same issue? The usual pump problems are never the issue. (27 Dec 2006)

  12. Are regular diabetic syringes covered by Medicare, including Part D? (27 Dec 2006)

  13. Do recent Supreme Court decisions in regards to Americans with Disabilities Act protections apply to children with diabetes? Can they still argue Section 504 protection? (24 Dec 2006)

  14. Afer four years with diabetes, my son had protein in his urine after a 24 hour collection test. What could be causing this? Should he have another urine test? Should he see a nephrologist? (24 Dec 2006)

  15. My young daughter was recently diagnosed. I prefer to check her blood sugar two or three times at night, but the doctor doesn't think that's necessary. When should I test? Will she be safe if I check less? I have caught a few lows during the night. (24 Dec 2006)

  16. Because of high A1cs, my daughter is testing more frequently to improve control. But, she's gaining weight. Why is she gaining? How can we help her lose weight without affecting her improved control? (23 Dec 2006)

  17. When ill, my son-in-law, who has type 1, is angry and moody. He refuses to seek medical help. Are his mood swings caused by fluctuating blood sugars? (23 Dec 2006)

  18. Because she was symptomatic, I checked my five year old's blood sugar and it was elevated. Two hours later, it was normal. What should I do? Should we continue to monitor her? Our doctor's office is closed until next Wednesday. (23 Dec 2006)

  19. Do you have any explanations for the high A1Cs that infer average blood sugars over 300 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L] when virtually ALL the fingersticks show target blood sugars? (23 Dec 2006)

  20. I have type 2 and drink two alcoholic beverages daily. If I drink more than that, can it cause my blood sugar to go so low that I might black out? (22 Dec 2006)

  21. I believe all the animals my sister has are contributing to her son's numerous illnesses and hospitalizations with unstable blood sugars. Is there any evidence that animal dander is bad for someone with type 1 diabetes? (22 Dec 2006)

  22. I am concerned about the amount of insulin my teen daughter takes. She has also gained weight, which I think is tied to her insulin resistance. What should she do? Are there oral medications she could try? At what point is one considered insulin resistant? Will her insulin resistance dissipate when puberty ends? (21 Dec 2006)

  23. Recently, my teen daughter had skyrocketing blood sugars with mild to moderate ketones. Corrections didn't lower her very much. Could she be developing insulin resistance? Should she consider using something other than Humalog in her pump? (21 Dec 2006)

  24. Since his diagnosis three weeks ago and commencing insulin, my son has had many low blood sugars. Is it possible that there is another reason for that initial high blood sugar? Are there tests that we must do to be sure? (21 Dec 2006)

  25. As a single parent, I make too much money for state assistance. How can I find affordable health insurance for my son who was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? (21 Dec 2006)

  26. My blood sugars are running higher and I don't know why. They're high even when I increase my insulin. What could be going on? (21 Dec 2006)

  27. I take Precose before meals, but still can't tolerate eating most carbohydrates, which make me shake, sweat, etc. I eat proteins and vegetables. What else should I do? (21 Dec 2006)

  28. During a glucagon stimulation test, will the endogenously released insulin concentration increase, so that the C-Peptide level will increase? (21 Dec 2006)

  29. Aside from their duration, are there any other differences between different insulins on the market? Is there any difference between 40 u/ml or 100 u/ml in their effect giving property? (21 Dec 2006)

  30. Is it normal to have wide variations in one's blood sugar during the honeymoon period? Since I'm having post-breakfast lows, could I stop taking my NovoMix 30? (21 Dec 2006)

  31. How many children in the U.S. have diabetes? What is the age distribution? (21 Dec 2006)

  32. My young daughter has been vomiting today. We are worried about lows and ketones. Our doctor has us giving small doses of glucagon and insulin. What is your approach under these circumstances? (21 Dec 2006)

  33. My daughter with type 1 has headaches. What causes them? What can she do to reduce their frequency? (21 Dec 2006)

  34. Even though she was diagnosed in August 2004, I still am not sure when to give my daughter NovoLog because she has gone low on several occasions. What should I do? (21 Dec 2006)

  35. Does butter have any grams of carbohydrates? My son is often high after consuming it. (21 Dec 2006)

  36. I often feel hypoglycemic when my blood sugar drops from a high level to a relatively normal level. Can one get used to the highs and feel withdrawal type effects? (21 Dec 2006)

  37. Ever since I had a bladder infection that became a kidney infection, last year, I have bad bladder infections about twice a month. Why is this happening? (20 Dec 2006)

  38. My teen son, who has had problems accepting his diabetes, doesn't want to eat lunch at school in order to avoid a lunchtime shot. Can the school force him to eat when he doesn't want to do so? (20 Dec 2006)

  39. Since his diagnosis with type 1 less than a year ago, my son is less limber. Is this because of his diabetes? Is he at greater risk to develop tendonitis? (20 Dec 2006)

  40. Following an elevated blood sugar at a health fair, my doctor ran some tests and thought I was developing type 1. My antibody tests were negative, but I've had some very high readings. How could I have type 2 with my slim physique? Could the elevated readings just be temporary? (20 Dec 2006)

  41. Are diabetics usually more sterile than non-diabetics? (20 Dec 2006)

  42. Is there a link between children who have had pyloric stenosis and become diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? (20 Dec 2006)

  43. I have a friend who is considering getting drunk, then overdosing herself with insulin. How lethal would it be to become very drunk and overdose on insulin? (20 Dec 2006)

  44. My daughter, a pumper, runs low for several hours after swimming. How do we keep her in range? Is this common in young athletes? (20 Dec 2006)

  45. When his bedtime blood sugar is less than 150 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L], my son wakes with elevated blood sugars. Why is this? How can we prevent this? Our overall goal is to bring down his A1c. (20 Dec 2006)

  46. My son has developed two lumps from using the same two spots on his belly for his infusion sites. Can this impair insulin absorption or does it just look lumpy? (19 Dec 2006)

  47. Diagnosed with type 1 a month ago, my daughter is gaining weight and looking "puffy." How many carbohydrates per meal should she have? (19 Dec 2006)

  48. Why do you have Cool Whip (fat free) in your lemon pie recipe when it is full of corn syrup and sugar? Why should diabetics eat this? (19 Dec 2006)

  49. I have been having recurring leg cramps in my legs and feet for the past six months. Can this be related to my diabetes? (19 Dec 2006)

  50. Can we relate type 2 diabetes and persistent/uncontrolled hyperglycemia to stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system in view of overeating and sedentary lifestyle which may be like "rest and digest," a feature of PNS? (19 Dec 2006)

  51. I have type 2 and am having a problem with high blood sugars. My doctor has done tests and increased my metformin, but what can I do before I get all my test results? I feel terrible and my vision is blurry. (18 Dec 2006)

  52. Since I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, I had my son, who has had some of its symptoms, tested. His TSH was borderline high, but his endocrinologist prefers to wait and begin treatment later. Shouldn't he start on medication now before he gets more symptoms? (17 Dec 2006)

  53. Aren't there clinical/personal observations of type 2 diabetics who have not taken any medications or remained on a minimum of medications? (17 Dec 2006)

  54. Can high blood sugar or low blood sugar can cause a hair loss? (17 Dec 2006)

  55. Is there really a difference in cardiovascular risk for a diabetic using a progestin-only birth control pill versus the traditional combination pill? (17 Dec 2006)

  56. My blood sugars rise and I develop ketones after swim practice or meets. Why is this happening? I thought exercise lowers blood sugars. (17 Dec 2006)

  57. Since his diagnosis a week ago, my son has been ill and having low blood sugars. Is he entering the "honeymoon" phase? Do we need to adjust his insulin? (14 Dec 2006)

  58. I am alarmed that my teen son's friends are fascinated by my son's diabetes and want to get insulin injections to see what it feels like. What should I do? (14 Dec 2006)

  59. After 10 years with diabetes, my 12 year old grandson had two tests show protein in his urine. What should we expect when he sees a kidney specialist in January? (13 Dec 2006)

  60. Are headaches common for the newly diagnosed? What causes them? At what point does one find a steady dose of insulin? How do you count the carbohydrates in Dreamfields pasta? (13 Dec 2006)

  61. For a long time, I have felt jittery and lightheaded several hours after breakfast, but felt better after a Coke. Now, even the Coke makes me feel lightheaded. Do I have diabetes or hypoglycemia? (13 Dec 2006)

  62. Our son tested positive for antibodies in 2001, but does not yet have diabetes. We want to give him CinnaBeticII to help reduce the tax on his depleted beta cells. What do you think about this? (13 Dec 2006)

  63. My son has been drinking a lot of water and has wet his bed the past two nights. Ants have invaded the bathroom where he has urinated on the floor. What should I do? (13 Dec 2006)

  64. Is severe abdominal pain associated with diabetes? My son normally has a very high pain tolerance and does not cry without real reasons, but he has been having crying outbursts since his diagnosis with diabetes. (10 Dec 2006)

  65. At a clinic visit, my husband had some tests done. His fasting blood sugar was normal, but his insulin level was low. Should I be concerned about this? (10 Dec 2006)

  66. Can prolonged use of indicated medications for type 2 diabetes also contribute to indicated diabetic or other complications? (10 Dec 2006)

  67. I was given a prescription for prednisone, but told to check first to see if I have diabetes. My fasting blood sugar was slightly high. Should I get retested? What kind of diet should I follow? What kind of doctor do I see? What type of diabetes do I have? (10 Dec 2006)

  68. Although he is not symptomatic for diabetes, my son has had two slightly elevated fasting blood sugar readings. Could he have diabetes? (9 Dec 2006)

  69. We've learned that our daughter is not testing very often and has lied to us about her blood sugar reading. What can we do to persuade her to be more attentive to her diabetes care? (9 Dec 2006)

  70. Over Thanksgiving week, my four year old had many low blood sugars. We changed insulin and strips. Do you have any ideas as to why this was occurring? (9 Dec 2006)

  71. My daughter, who is divorced, cannot get coverage through MassHealth. Her ex-husband's insurance may stop paying for my grandson's diabetes supplies. Is there some type of monetary help for children who need their diabetes supplies? (9 Dec 2006)

  72. My daughter has several symptoms of diabetes, but never ketones or glucose in her urine. Is it possible she has diabetes? Should I ask the doctor to re-test her? (7 Dec 2006)

  73. How does the mitochondria in a cell affect the pancreas causing diabetes? What does it do to affect it? What makes that one mitochondrion not function properly? (7 Dec 2006)

  74. In a recent urine test, my son had a high sugar level. He has ADHD, but is not medicated. Is there a relationship between ADHD and diabetes? (7 Dec 2006)

  75. After five years, I still have an elevated A1c. I eat well, take insulin and test four times a day. What should I do to bring down my A1c? I'm tired of hearing that I need to take better care of myself. I just can't get my A1c down. (7 Dec 2006)

  76. For some time, my son has been using his toes for his blood sugar tests, but I read that this should not be done. Is this wrong? Should I tell him to stop? (6 Dec 2006)

  77. There was talk about a product from Tec-Med, a non-invasive glucose meter. Has this come to market? (6 Dec 2006)

  78. Diagnosed four years ago, my niece runs low when sick, even when taking less insulin.Could she still be in her honeymoon? (6 Dec 2006)

  79. Are energy drinks, such as Red Bull, safe for kids with type 1 diabetes? (6 Dec 2006)

  80. During a GTT, my blood sugar dropped very low, but I later had glucose in my urine. Why was there glucose in my urine?Do I have reactive hypoglycemia? Will I develop diabetes? (5 Dec 2006)

  81. My son was just diagnosed two weeks ago. Now, we are reducing his insulin due to lows. Is this his honeymoon period? (5 Dec 2006)

  82. How early can type 1 diabetes present itself? How do they test a child under/around one year? The triage nurse at the local clinic suspects my 11 month old might have diabetes. (5 Dec 2006)

  83. Can you help me determine if my young son's new insulin regimen is the best to have improved control? He takes Protophane and Actrapid, with NovoRapid for very high blood sugars. He was taken off a pump due to high blood sugars. (4 Dec 2006)

  84. My endocrinologist does not do in-office A1c testing so I cannot discuss the results when I have an appointment. Any suggestions on how to handle this in a nice manner? The office does not recommend home A1c testing. (4 Dec 2006)

  85. Because they are low in carbohydrates and have fat that can slow down the absorption/digestion of food, we are trying to have peanuts included in meals. Does this seem like a good thing to do? (4 Dec 2006)

  86. Recently, my 14 year old niece told me she was allowed to eat as much sugar as she wants, as long as she covers it with insulin. Is this true? Are there any health consequences? (4 Dec 2006)

  87. My boyfriend's daughter is saying she's not hungry, regardless of her blood sugar level. Is this a true problem or is she just playing games? (3 Dec 2006)

  88. Recently, my daughter, who takes Adderall, had a low blood sugar. And, she is tired. Is it from the blood sugar and/or the medicine? (3 Dec 2006)

  89. Three months after diagnosis, my nephew's A1c was 7.8, which is more than 1% higher than the laboratory range. What is your opinion of this A1c? (2 Dec 2006)

  90. As a participant in the TrialNet study, I have had an OGTT. If the result were over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L], but with no symptoms, do I still have diabetes? If so, what type? (2 Dec 2006)

  91. I monitor my blood sugars because I think I have hypoglycemia. The other day, I was 59 mg/dl [3.3 mmol/L]. Should I see a doctor about this? (2 Dec 2006)

  92. Can a C-Peptide test help me determine if my pancreas is producing insulin or not? Could it show false results due to diabetes medication? (2 Dec 2006)

  93. Isn't there some evidence that suggests a link between Accutane and pancreatitis? And, doesn't that often lead to diabetes? (1 Dec 2006)

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