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  1. I was diagnoed with gestational diabetes and put on insulin. My obstetrician thinks I may have had diabetes BEFORE I was pregnant. Is this possible? (30 Jan 2007)

  2. I have Charcot and need surgery on my foot, but the foot doctor is not helping me get to the point where I can have the procedure. What should I do? (29 Jan 2007)

  3. My son was diagnosed with type 1 in late December 2006. The doctor said we caught it early, that he was in his honeymoon. Is this the correct diagnosis or could he have MODY? (29 Jan 2007)

  4. Can Trileptal affect one's blood sugars? Since starting on it, my son has been having high blood sugars. (29 Jan 2007)

  5. Since my son's earlier high blood sugar with ketones, I have monitored him at home. What do you think of his blood sugars? Could this be an early phase of diabetes? (29 Jan 2007)

  6. When my son woke up high with large ketones, the doctor had me do a pen injection, but he wasn't concerned about the ketones. Neither was the ER when I went there with the ketones and vomiting. Why is this? Why does my son spill ketones frequently? (29 Jan 2007)

  7. Is a blood test the only way to screen for diabetes? I am looking for another way my son could be tested. (28 Jan 2007)

  8. What stores sell carrying cases for diabetes supplies? I want to be able to see the cases in person, rather than on a web site. (28 Jan 2007)

  9. What should I do about my teen son who refuses to take insulin for all the foods he eats? He is depressed, but won't go to the therapist. What should I do? (28 Jan 2007)

  10. After 23 years with type 1, I have no complications. Should I still worry because I was diagnosed well before puberty? Do people with type 1 still produce insulin? Does this protect them from complications? (28 Jan 2007)

  11. We want to get a Medtronic pump with a monitor for our daughter, but Blue Cross and Medicaid will not pay for the monitor or its supplies. Why isn't this part covered? Will it be covered in the future? (27 Jan 2007)

  12. Can it be possible to have normal blood sugars while carbohydrate counting? My daughter had symptoms, but has had fasting laboratory tests. However, the endocrinologist thinks she is diabetic. (25 Jan 2007)

  13. After three years of testing, my son was finally diagnosed with MODY2. How do I explain this to others, especially other medical personnel with whom we interact? (25 Jan 2007)

  14. I have type 1 and my husband has type 2. What are the odds our daughter could develop diabetes? The school is concerned about urinary accidents. At home, her blood sugar was 132 mg/dl [7.3 mmol/L]. Should we take her to a doctor? (25 Jan 2007)

  15. I've had some random elevated blood sugars tested at home. Blood work indicated a normal blood sugar, but an A1c of 6.1. My doctor said I have type 2. Can you explain? I'm confused as this does not fit with what I know about diabetes. (24 Jan 2007)

  16. Is an apparently "normal" blood sugar possibly a "low" to the point of loss of consciousness if you have been running high? My 10-year-old asked for juice, then fell to the floor, unconscious. We roused her enough to give her juice. Her blood sugar was 165 mg/dl [9.2 mmol (24 Jan 2007)

  17. Is there any current research on the relationship between type 1 and learning disabilities? I'm asking because my son has fallen behind at school and has trouble focusing on reading tasks. (24 Jan 2007)

  18. Has the Barbara Davis Center ever evaluated the Glucose-Sensing RFID Microchip designed by the Digital Angel Corporation? (24 Jan 2007)

  19. My daughter smells like sweet fruit punch, has headaches and stomachaches. The doctor tested her blood sugar after she'd eaten and it was normal. Shouldn't it be higher after food? (23 Jan 2007)

  20. Do children with diabetes usually have bed-wetting issues? We are concerned about our son's bed-wetting, which is occurring when our son's blood sugars are in range. (23 Jan 2007)

  21. What is your experience with teens using Symlin? My teen daughter has been using it and is eating less, losing weight, and having better blood sugar control. (23 Jan 2007)

  22. When he eats sweets, my young son acts hyper, then has a meltdown. We have tried eliminating sweets and feeding frequent protein snacks. What do you think he has? (23 Jan 2007)

  23. Does a person still develop complications even if he takes insulin, eats well, exercises, etc.? Approximately how long after diagnosis does one develop complications? (23 Jan 2007)

  24. What should the target range of blood sugars be for my eight-year-old son? I've heard different ranges. (23 Jan 2007)

  25. Is it true that type 2 and insulin resistance are associated with systemic inflammation caused by inflammatory cytokines from visceral adiposity? (23 Jan 2007)

  26. At least four of my son's second grade classmates have developed type 1 over the last 10 years. Is there anyone who might be interested in researching this unusually high number? (23 Jan 2007)

  27. What is going to happen in the body of someone without diabetes type 1 if this person injects insulin? Can this person get hypoglycemia? (23 Jan 2007)

  28. What causes people with type 2 to have cravings and overeat? (23 Jan 2007)

  29. Has the "Accelerator Hypothesis" ever been proven? I'm curious because most children with type 1 were thin prior to diagnosis. (22 Jan 2007)

  30. For a week, my son has been running very low, even when eating a lot. What could be causing this? (22 Jan 2007)

  31. I've had diabetes for 19 years and have joint pain in two of my fingers. Could this be a complication of diabetes or is it more likely to be something unrelated? (22 Jan 2007)

  32. What is the life expectancy of a person with type 1 diabetes? I'm 37 and have had type 1 for 27 years. I have retinopathy and neuropathy. My kidneys and my heart have begun to show changes. (22 Jan 2007)

  33. In case of pump failure, I am supposed to inject Levemir. How do I determine the amount to dose and if I need it once a day or twice a day? (22 Jan 2007)

  34. How long after the expiration date is it safe to used glucose test strips that have been stored properly (proper temperature, no sunlight, etc.)? (22 Jan 2007)

  35. My son has had type 1 for three years. What kind of annual testing should he be having? So far, he has not had any blood work done. (22 Jan 2007)

  36. If your child has a lot of insulin on board, either intentionally or not, and feels too full to eat more, can you give a glucagon injection? How do you figure out how much to give? (22 Jan 2007)

  37. Based on her blood sugars, should we change our daughter's Lantus dose or her insulin to carbohydrate ratio? I've e-mailed the doctor, but wanted your opinion. (22 Jan 2007)

  38. I am concerned about my daughter's post-breakfast blood sugars, which are around 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L], 90 minutes afterwards. What do you recommend? Our educator has suggested Lantus and NovoLog, but our daughter doesn't want that many shots. (22 Jan 2007)

  39. When with me, my son has had in-range blood sugars, but at his mom's, his blood sugars are often very high. For a year, he has been threatening his siblings and behaving badly. Is this related to his high blood sugars? (21 Jan 2007)

  40. How can I find out if my daughter has type 1 or type 2? When she was diagnosed a week ago, she'd been thirsty, urinating a lot and had lost weight. But she was overweight. She's had hypothyroidism since October 2006. (21 Jan 2007)

  41. If I want to spice up my morning cereal with either some banana or raisins, which would have the least effect on my blood sugar level? (20 Jan 2007)

  42. Now that I have good control, how can I lose weight while still maintaining control of my blood sugars? I have type 1 and take insulin four times a day. (20 Jan 2007)

  43. Do you know if there is a correlation between neurofibromatosis-1 and type 1 diabetes? (20 Jan 2007)

  44. When in my ex-wife's care, my daughter has been hospitalized for low blood sugar issues. My ex-in-laws provide much of the care, yet have never received diabetes training. What should I do? I am concerned that I am being blamed for my daughter's problems. (20 Jan 2007)

  45. We recently increased our daughter's Actrapid, which has led to wide fluctuations in her blood sugar. Why is this? What should we do differently? (20 Jan 2007)

  46. I have several symptoms, including weight loss and frequent urination. My doctor said my blood sugars were normal. What do you think? (19 Jan 2007)

  47. Diagnosed three and a half years ago, my C-Peptide just measured 2.9, which is normal. What does this mean? What would happen if I were to stop taking insulin? (19 Jan 2007)

  48. I am a Safety Manager for a small company and learned that an employee with diabetes was complaining about his health, but not informing his boss that he has diabetes. Can we suggest that employees disclose medical conditions that affect their safety and that of fellow workers? (18 Jan 2007)

  49. The Recreation Board will not let my son play basketball without me attending every practice. What legal options do I have? (18 Jan 2007)

  50. Could my son have hypoglycemia? When he had a meltdown today, I checked his blood sugar and it was 54 mg/dl [3.0 mmol/L]. Is this level dangerously low? (18 Jan 2007)

  51. Some of the times my son has been tired and disoriented, he has had low blood sugars. Does his behavior have anything to do with his blood sugar levels? (17 Jan 2007)

  52. My young daughter often has acetone breath. What could this be? Does this happen before one gets diabetes? Should I take her to the doctor the next time I notice it? (17 Jan 2007)

  53. When discharged after her recent diagnosis, my daughter complained of pain in her calf, which the pediatrician diagnosed as a blood clot. What could have caused the blood clot? Are people with type 1 or type 2 susceptible to clots? (17 Jan 2007)

  54. Where can I find a recipe conversion chart that helps you determine if foods are healthy for your child? (17 Jan 2007)

  55. Does the flu shot cause diabetes? Could the virus that causes a wart cause diabetes? (17 Jan 2007)

  56. For hydration, would reverse osmosis water be as good as mineral water (spring water)? (17 Jan 2007)

  57. What is the difference between starvation ketones and ketones from a high blood sugar? Why do starvation ketones not require an ER visit? (17 Jan 2007)

  58. My daughter has four fingertip blood sugar tests daily. Can this cause pain or numbness in the fingertips? (17 Jan 2007)

  59. Diagnosed in August 2006, my daughter needed much less insulin during a recent illness. Did her pancreas speed up its insulin production? Now running high, has her honeymoon ended? Or, is she having a growth spurt? What do you know about a product called Mannatech? (17 Jan 2007)

  60. Recently diagnosed, my six-year-old is a picky eater and doesn't like to try new foods? What do you suggest? (17 Jan 2007)

  61. Since diabetes may be related to inflammatory/infectious conditions and abnormalities in glucose transport, is abnormal mucus, in type and in quantity, related to diabetes and insulin resistance? (17 Jan 2007)

  62. My child has had diabetes since birth. He has wide fluctuations in his blood sugars. I've recently learned about diluent and insulin pumps. Which of these should I ask my brother to send to me? He's in the U.S. and I am in Pakistan. (17 Jan 2007)

  63. After a year of no growth and weight gain, then loss, my daughter had some blood work done. Are her insulin and C-Peptide levels normal? Should I be concerned about her occasional high blood sugars? (16 Jan 2007)

  64. I have come across a child on a pump who has ADD and is non compliant in his diabetes care. I suspect he's playing with the pump, suspending insulin delivery, causing high blood sugars. What should I do? Mom is not asserting her authority and her son's health is at risk. (16 Jan 2007)

  65. My daughter's recent GTT indicated normal readings, but she continues to have elevated readings at home. The endocrinologist suspects she has type 2. Do her insulin levels indicate type 2? (16 Jan 2007)

  66. Three months after her diagnosis, my daughter's A1c was 5.6. Is this acceptable? Is it an average of blood sugars or something else? Is it okay to give both Humalog and NovoLog on the same day? (15 Jan 2007)

  67. After switching to Lantus, my son would have extended periods of lows. Next on Levemir, the lows continued. So, now, my son is taking Humalog only. What is going on? (15 Jan 2007)

  68. Because I cannot find a job with medical benefits, I will soon run out of insulin. What will happen to my body when I run out of insulin? (15 Jan 2007)

  69. Since my daughter's blood sugar is dropping at least 67 mg/dl [3.7 mmol/L] at night after dinnertime Levemir, might she not need a basal insulin? She was diagnosed three weeks ago. (14 Jan 2007)

  70. Can you tell that which tests can be done to evaluate all possibilities/conditions related to hyperglycemia, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, etc.? (14 Jan 2007)

  71. Is there a list of approximate ages for certain type 1 diabetes tasks? (14 Jan 2007)

  72. My company is transferring me to the New York/New Jersey area. Where can I find a list of endocrinologists or diabetes center by area/county (or by hospital)? (14 Jan 2007)

  73. For weeks, my teen daughter has had consistently high blood sugars. She doesn't seem interested in taking care of her diabetes. How much should we parents do? Do you have any suggestions? (14 Jan 2007)

  74. I have type 1 and have unexplained infertility. Could this be caused by my occasional high blood sugars? My A1c is 5.8. (14 Jan 2007)

  75. Do you have any updated information on the Sleep Sentry device? I am looking for something that alarms to indicate my son has a low blood sugar. (13 Jan 2007)

  76. What is the appropriate amount of sugar a child with type 1 should consume? Are sugary foods now going to cause problems later in life even if one's blood sugars are under control? (13 Jan 2007)

  77. My daughter has not grown much in the past few years. Can insulin negatively affect the way a child grows? She is also developing a protruding stomach. Any tips? (13 Jan 2007)

  78. Recently diagnosed, I was told to eat cereal, muesli, porridge, etc. for breakfast, but I'm usually 9.5 mmol/L [171 mg/dl] or higher two hours later. Should I alter my diet? (13 Jan 2007)

  79. Are there products for boys, other than backpacks and fanny packs, to carry around their meters or sugar source? My son's pockets are too small and a lunchbox isn't "cool." (13 Jan 2007)

  80. What is the current status of efforts to find a cure for type 1 diabetes? I keep hearing that it will come in 10 years, but I heard that when my daughter was diagnosed six years ago and still hear that. (13 Jan 2007)

  81. My son's C-Peptide was 0.5, seven years after his diagnosis with type 1. Does this mean he is still producing some insulin? (13 Jan 2007)

  82. Diagnosed with pre-diabetes, my husband needs to lose weight. What advice do you have to help him lose weight and be healthy? (13 Jan 2007)

  83. Due to random elevated blood sugars, I had A1cs done on my seven children. All but one were over 6.0. What does this mean? (12 Jan 2007)

  84. Because she was symptomatic, I had tests done on my daughter. Her fasting blood sugar was fine, but she has erratic readings at home. Could she be in the honeymoon phase of type 1? Our doctor thinks it might be type 2. (12 Jan 2007)

  85. With a very high blood sugar, my son was said to be in DKA. I.V. insulin brought down his blood sugar, but the pediatrician said it's not diabetes because his A1c was normal. My son is still sleepy and not acting normally. Can an illness cause such a high blood sugar? What is your opinion? (12 Jan 2007)

  86. My son had a spinal tap after a second seizure. His blood sugar was in range, as it had been with his first seizure. Based on the result, the neurologist felt the seizure was diabetes related, but the endocrinologist disagrees. I am confused. Can a child with diabetes have a seizure even with an in-range blood sugar? (11 Jan 2007)

  87. My daughter has type 2. We are unable to bring down her blood sugars, no matter how much Humalog we give her. What do you recommend? She sees the specialist on the 10th. (7 Jan 2007)

  88. Is it possible that diabetes is a hormonal imbalance? Is it possible for a type 1 diabetic to become pregnant and the body to starts to regulate itself again? (7 Jan 2007)

  89. My obstetrician has a low cut-off for gestational diabetes and wants me to have more tests. Why is he using such low values? I am quite worried about my borderline results. (7 Jan 2007)

  90. My granddaughter has type 1 diabetes and Hashimoto's thyroiditis. She has smelly hair, even after shampooing. Do you have any suggestions? (7 Jan 2007)

  91. Since my antibody tests were negative, my doctor gave me no treatment plan. I eat a low carbohydrate diet and exercise. But, I have high blood sugars that are affecting my vision. What do you suggest? I see an endocrinologist on January 30. (7 Jan 2007)

  92. With respect to the "cure" recently seen in the journal Cell, will this be for those who were recently diagnosed or those who have had type 1 for a long time? Are there any islet cells left after someone has had diabetes for years? (7 Jan 2007)

  93. Statistics say the odds of a sibling of a type 1 being diagnosed with type 1 are 3 to 5%, but I know of five other families with two children with type 1. Why is this happening? Why are the odds identified as greater than 3 to 5%? (7 Jan 2007)

  94. Are there any fund available to get Medical alert items for families who cannot afford one? (5 Jan 2007)

  95. My daughter's day care has told us we must provide a lunch based on state guidelines rather than a low carbohydrate meal, which we give to avoid a lunchtime shot. What are your thoughts? (5 Jan 2007)

  96. What do you know about the OmniPod pump system? Do you know of any eight-year-olds using it? (4 Jan 2007)

  97. Since Alaska's only pediatric endocrinologist is leaving the state, what should we do for diabetes care? Will his nurse be qualified to provide care to the area's patients with diabetes? What do we do if there's an emergency? Would an adult endocrinologist be helpful? (4 Jan 2007)

  98. If C-Peptide can be normal or close to it during the honeymoon period and antibodies are positive in type 1 patients only 60 to 80% of the time, what is the gold standard to know what type a patient has? (4 Jan 2007)

  99. Six weeks after diagnosis, my daughter was able to go off insulin and stay off for four months. She went back on insulin, but the amount going down again. Is this a second honeymoon or the same honeymoon? Is there something else going on? Could she have something other than type 1? (4 Jan 2007)

  100. I want to get a pump to improve my control, but my doctor says I don't take diabetes seriously so I should not get a pump. What should I do? (4 Jan 2007)

  101. After five years with type 1, I am constantly thirsty, like before I was diagnosed. Is this common for people with type 1? (2 Jan 2007)

  102. Exercise used to make my daughter's blood sugar go down, but sometimes it goes up. What are the factors that help determine if exercise will make a diabetic go higher or lower? (2 Jan 2007)

  103. Does diabetes cause a loss of stamina? My son no longer has energy after soccer. (2 Jan 2007)

  104. Should a person with type 1 be tested and treated for hyperlipidemia? Should they take a baby aspirin, biotin, fish oil, other antioxidants? Are there other tests that should be done? (2 Jan 2007)

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