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  1. My daughter sometimes has muscle cramps in her lower or upper legs and tender arches. Could she have calcium deficiency? What is the recommended serving of calcium per day? Are her current vitamins sufficient? Does she need laboratory work? (31 Mar 2008)

  2. I would like to buy a glucagon emergency kit, but I don't know how to do it or where I can find one in the U.S. (31 Mar 2008)

  3. Can increased insulin cause decreased potassium, resulting in decreased neuromuscular activity and decreased filtration in the kidneys? (31 Mar 2008)

  4. After losing about 60 pounds over six months, I was able to stop my evening diabetes pills. I'm still having some lower blood sugars, so I plan to wean myself from my morning pills. Can one "lose" type 2? (31 Mar 2008)

  5. When my young son experienced his first low recently, it was very scary. He said he was seeing monsters, snakes, ghosts, etc. Is this normal? (31 Mar 2008)

  6. I had an MRI that showed extreme bursitis. I was told that GHR1000, might help. Is this safe? I am concerned because it may be related to human growth hormones, which I've read are not recommended for people with diabetes. (31 Mar 2008)

  7. My daughter will be in a private home, licensed daycare, for six weeks of the year. The provider has said she cannot give insulin shots. Is this true from a legal standpoint? (31 Mar 2008)

  8. Since my pancreas does produce some insulin, does the addition of injected insulin cause the down-regulation of insulin receptors and persisiting hyperglycemia? (29 Mar 2008)

  9. Can persisting hyperglycemia be due to some instability of digestion, absorption and excretion besides glucose and other nutrients? How can digestive enzymes having proteolytic effects benefit/harm diabetic patients? (29 Mar 2008)

  10. Diagnosed with pre-diabetes in December 2007, my husband is having mood swings and anger. I am trying to monitor his diet and he takes half a tablet of metformin twice a day. Does he need further diabetes management? (29 Mar 2008)

  11. My son needs an up front bolus, plus an additional bolus four hours later to cover pasta. Is this related to celiac? My son's recent blood test was positive for celiac. (28 Mar 2008)

  12. I was diagnosed with type 2 based on a fasting blood sugar of 124 mg/dl [6.9 mmol/L]. I have no symptoms, but am overweight. Could this be pre-diabetes? What do you recommend? (28 Mar 2008)

  13. My son was just diagnosed with type 1, after an illness and the use of oral steroids. His blood sugars are now in range. Could he have been misdiagnosed? His antibodies test was negative. Are there other tests to confirm the diagnosis? (28 Mar 2008)

  14. Is it normal for a child with type 1 to have higher temperatures in the evening? (24 Mar 2008)

  15. About once every three months, my son has a few days of unexplainable lows. His thyroid is normal and he tested negative for celiac. Why would this happen? Could he have some beta cells that still work? (24 Mar 2008)

  16. My seven-year-old niece, who has cystic fibrosis, has been diagnosed with diabetes. Her parents have heard only bad things about blindness or death. How can I ensure them that things will not be so bad? (24 Mar 2008)

  17. Since the end of her honeymoon, we've split my daughter's Lantus into two doses. She's fine during the day, but high at night. What do you suggest? (24 Mar 2008)

  18. Have you seen erythromycin used to successfully treat diabetic diarrhea? I've seen diarrhea is a side effect, so I'm confused. (24 Mar 2008)

  19. During the summer, my son will be going on field trips with his school. There is no trained person going with them. What are the regulations for daycare facilities? If I have to stay at home to care for my son over the summer, are there any financial assistance programs? (24 Mar 2008)

  20. Can decreased urine creatinine clearance with normal serum creatinine and BUN also suggest decreased creatine production due to decreased muscle mass or decreased muscle use? (23 Mar 2008)

  21. My son has had a few high blood sugars, but they go down on their own. He tested negative for islet cell antibodies. He recently had a fasting blood sugar of 138 mg/dl [7.7 mmol/L]. Could this be a sign of impending diabetes? His dad has type 1. (23 Mar 2008)

  22. Will showering after a Lantus injection affect its absorption? How would exercising before the shot affect its absorption? (23 Mar 2008)

  23. My daughter had good control until puberty. In the past year, she has been hospitalized nine times for DKA. We know she's getting insulin. Why does she keep going into DKA? Could there be another medical reason? (21 Mar 2008)

  24. Has any research been done on breathalyzer meters as an alternative to regular meters that take blood samples? (18 Mar 2008)

  25. Recently hospitalized in DKA, I would like to know if my age, 15, could have anything to do with my high blood sugars. I do not skip insulin. (18 Mar 2008)

  26. My friend has been told she cannot accompany her recently diagnosed young teen son on a field trip. Is there any law that says she should be allowed to go? The school nurse is not going. (18 Mar 2008)

  27. Since our insurance company will not cover a CGMS for our son, who has type 1 and Down Syndrome, do you know of any studies in which he could participate where we would be given a CGMS? (18 Mar 2008)

  28. What's the highest A1c you've ever seen? If it were very high, such as 23.9 at diagnosis, is that likely inaccurate? (17 Mar 2008)

  29. I know that my daughter's Christian school doesn't fall under the 504 plan as it's not given any funds from the government, but isn't it answerable to anyone with regards to diabetes management and the safety of children on its premises? (17 Mar 2008)

  30. Is hyperglycemia with higher lipid levels more damaging than hyperglycemia with normal or near to lower normal range of lipids? Is there any relation and competitiveness between glucose (also proteins) and fat homeostatis at digestive tract and internal levels? (16 Mar 2008)

  31. Since moving, my new doctor has changed my oral medication dosage and wants me to take Lantus in the morning instead of the evening. Why would he have made these changes? My blood sugars are terrible. (16 Mar 2008)

  32. After seven years with type 1 and ketones only when high or ill, my daughter is having moderate to large ketones more frequently. Will they have long term consequences for her health? (14 Mar 2008)

  33. My daughter has Down Syndrome and type 1. For several months, she has had hip, leg and knee pain. Could she be developing arthritis? Would this be common with diabetes? (13 Mar 2008)

  34. Is having diabetes for 50 years without complications an unusual occurrence, an exception rather than the rule? Do you think that with modern advances there will be more and more people live longer without complications? (12 Mar 2008)

  35. My child will be attending a new school in August. They want to send him to a school further away because it has a full time nurse, while the school nearby does not. Can they do this? (12 Mar 2008)

  36. I am a school nurse. The mom of a boy in my care wants me to administer 2 units of insulin to her son when he is treated for a low because he is sometimes high later. I'd prefer to give a smaller snack. What is your opinion? (12 Mar 2008)

  37. My child, who is in mom's custody, has wildly fluctuating blood sugars. Should I push the doctor to call Child Protective Services? Or, is there a way to get the doctor involved with changing custody? (10 Mar 2008)

  38. The school nurse, who is responsible for many schools, says she's the only person who can legally work my grand-niece's pump and that a parent must come do a bolus when the she is not available. What is the law? Where can we find more information? (10 Mar 2008)

  39. Can a small child diagnosed with type 1 ever recover from the disease? (10 Mar 2008)

  40. Last night, my son's bedtime blood sugar was 140 mg/dl [7.8 mmol/L], but dropped to 40 mg/dl [2.2 mmol/L] 30 minutes later. Is a drop like this "normal?" (10 Mar 2008)

  41. I have Hashimoto's disease and Raynaud's disease runs in my family. After 13 months with type 1, I have the beginnings of neuropathy. Is this related to my diabetes or something else? I've had good control, an A1c of 6.5 or less. Should I consult a specialist? (10 Mar 2008)

  42. My daughter was just diagnosed in January. I was told to check her blood sugar before and after soccer practice. If she's in range, what do need to do? (9 Mar 2008)

  43. Since a recent stomach bug, my six-year-old has needed less daytime insulin and has been complaining about his stomach hurting. What do you think this is? (9 Mar 2008)

  44. Can I take a protein supplement without having any diabetes problems, i.e. no reduction in blood sugars? I want to use them to help with my weight lifting. (9 Mar 2008)

  45. My young teen daughter sometimes gets pain that starts in her abdominal area then moves around to both sides towards her back area. Do you have any ideas what this might be? (8 Mar 2008)

  46. Is it possible my daughter's type 1 was caused by the steroid nasal spray she was given for enlarged adenoids? If this were true, would her treatment be any different? (8 Mar 2008)

  47. Can decreased creatinine clearance with normal S.Creatine and BUN can still be related to non-kidney disease? Can decreased muscle movement or variations in normal muscular tone be relevant to decreased creatinine clearance? (8 Mar 2008)

  48. How can I find out what information the school must provide with respect to carbohydrate counts for the foods it serves? (8 Mar 2008)

  49. We developed a 504 plan each year for at least the past five years. The school never signs off on this. Is it still valid without the schools signature? (8 Mar 2008)

  50. Is intestinal mucus quantity and consistency related to increased or decreased sugar absorption resulting in variations in blood glucose levels? Can insulin's receptors on target cells be down-regulated due to excess/increased insulin exposure to target cells? (6 Mar 2008)

  51. Are there any links on the Internet that discuss teen pregnancy for a diabetic? My 18-year-old is pregnant and her doctor says this is her best chance "ever" to have a baby. Is this correct? (5 Mar 2008)

  52. I read on the ADA web site that the risk of diabetes increases for a woman with type 1 if she gives birth before the age of 25. Should my daughter wait until she's over 25 to have babies? (5 Mar 2008)

  53. Is there a possible association with bone brittleness and type 1 diabetes? My teen son has had several broken bones in the past few years. (5 Mar 2008)

  54. My daughter has some unusual lumps on the tops of her feet. While we're waiting to see a dermatologist, do you have any ideas what they might be? (4 Mar 2008)

  55. Since a bout of strep throat about a month ago, my daughter has been complaining about a backache. Could this be related to her kidneys? What should I do? The pediatric endocrinologist is over two hours away. (4 Mar 2008)

  56. My grandson was just diagnosed with type 1. His parents were told to replace juice and milk with artificially sweetened beverages. Why can't he have milk? (4 Mar 2008)

  57. An acquaintance of mine does not treat his/her type 2 because of the lack of scientific studies demonstrating this is necessary. Where can I find articles to refute this? (3 Mar 2008)

  58. Diagnosed last August, my teen son is unable to gain weight. What could be the problem? Should he have further tests? What are the risks for my older son? (3 Mar 2008)

  59. My mother-in-law has been having headaches. Her fasting blood sugar was 121 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L], which her doctor said was fine. Can the headaches be related? Should she seek a second opinion? (3 Mar 2008)

The Diabetes Team

Bill Jones, MD (Specialist in the management of diabetes during pregnancy, member since April 1997)
Marco Songini, MD (Italy) (Pediatric, adolescent, and adult endocrinologist and diabetologist, member since April 1997)
Larry Deeb, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since July 1998)
John Schulga, MBChB MRCGP MRCP FRCPCH (UK) (Consultant Paediatrician in childhood and adolescent diabetes and endocrinology, member since July 1999)
Stuart Brink, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 1999)
Matthew Brown, MD (Pediatrician and a Pediatric Diabetologist, member since January 2000)
Jim Lane, MD (Adult Endocrinologist, member since November 2000)
David Schwartz, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since May 2001)
Andrea Scaramuzza, MD (Italy) (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 2003)
Linda DiMeglio, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist)

Barb Schreiner, RN, MPH, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist, member since July 2002)
Jane Seley, RN, GNP, MPH, MSN, CDE, CHES (Diabetes Nurse Practitioner, member since August 2002)
Joe Solowiejczyk, RN, MSW (Family Therapist, member since April 2010)
Linda Mackowiak, RN, MS, FNP, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist)

Jill Weissberg-Benchell, PhD (Medical Psychology and Psychiatry, member since January 2000)

James Michael Schurig, MS, RD, LD, CDE (Dietitian, member since December 2000)

Exercise Physiologists
Rick Philbin, M.Ed., A.T.C., C.S.C.S (Sports Medicine, member since July 2004)

Lois Schmidt Finney, RD, MPH, CDE (DPT-1 Research Coordinator, member since July 1998)
Heather Speer, MPH, CCRC, CDE (Clinical Diabetes Research and Education Coordinator, member since July 1998)

Social Workers
Debbie Butler, CDE, MSW, LICSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, member since October 2004)

And Our Occasional Experts

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