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Other Social Issues from 2002

  1. Could you advise the possible effects of long term use of Isoptin? (11 Dec 2002)
  2. Is it always necessary to inform the coach of my daughter's condition? (11 Dec 2002)
  3. A grandchild has diabetes, and his parents are petrified that I might be a 'carrier' of the flu. (7 Dec 2002)
  4. How do I approach and educate my daughter,'s friend's parents without scaring them to "not invite" her to a sleep over? (7 Dec 2002)
  5. Do children with type 1 diabetes have a higher percentage entering the health field? (7 Dec 2002)
  6. I want to know if there is any problem if I fast during the month of Ramadan. (14 Nov 2002)
  7. Is there a support group for kids who have disabled parents with constant pain? (15 Oct 2002)
  8. How can I enlist in the US military, despite my type 1 diabetes? (14 Oct 2002)
  9. Is there a way for a co-worker or supervisor to support the required care needed when they are unaware of the condition? (3 Oct 2002)
  10. Could my wife's diabetes and depression be the cause of this marital problem? (2 Oct 2002)
  11. I was arrested for DUI following an accident. My doctor suspects I had hypoglycemia but can't prove it. (2 Oct 2002)
  12. What is the appropriate level of supervision for 12 year old who has diabetes? (23 Sep 2002)
  13. Is being a Registered Nurse with type 1 diabetes a problem since nurses have 12-hour shifts and stuff? (12 Sep 2002)
  14. Despite the fact I had documented low blood sugar and a negative alcohol breath test, I was still charged with drunk driving. (31 Aug 2002)
  15. What liability do I have in letting a child, known to have diabetes, be in school without proper medical intervention when needed? (31 Aug 2002)
  16. I am trying to get some information about for what kind of food a five year old with diabetes can eat. (31 Aug 2002)
  17. My ex-wife has a court order that I cannot see my son very much without education, but I keep running into brick walls. (29 Aug 2002)
  18. My daughter is using IV drugs. Do you have any information on people with diabetes and drug use? (29 Aug 2002)
  19. Does my 16 year old daughter's diabetes have anything to do with her attitude and slow approach toward the opposite sex? (22 Aug 2002)
  20. What are the health effects and risks of a methamphetamine user who has diabetes? (21 Aug 2002)
  21. What types of jobs are unavailable to people with diabetes? (28 Jul 2002)
  22. I have been dating a man who has had type 1 diabetes for more than 40 years and is extremely reticent about sex. (26 Jul 2002)
  23. The nurse at my son's camp said OSHA regulations prevent campers from taking Humalog before eating in the dining hall. (27 Jun 2002)
  24. My daughter's 15 month old child was recently diagnosed type 1 diabetes, and she is planning on going back to work full-time. (20 Jun 2002)
  25. I had a big debate with the director of my daughter's studio who wanted to take her "pack" away from her. (6 Jun 2002)
  26. I have type 1 diabetes, and I think some of my fellow workers are prejudiced. What can I do to change that? (4 Jun 2002)
  27. Does my mother-in-law's drinking play a part in having an insulin reaction? Does affect on the need to keep adjusting insulin? (30 May 2002)
  28. Isn't it against the law in Florida to leave a child alone at this age, even without a life threatening disease? (5 May 2002)
  29. The emotional and intimacy issues seem to cause so many problems, and I need to get more educated on these topics. (29 Apr 2002)
  30. Do first time offenders who had hypoglycemia get their license pulled (like I've heard)? (26 Apr 2002)
  31. How best can I help my best friend who has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? (17 Apr 2002)
  32. My son, just started playing baseball again and we are being told that he cannot wear his medical ID bracelet during games. (16 Apr 2002)
  33. Could my mini heart attack/seizure be related to Ecstasy? (16 Apr 2002)
  34. I am about to turn 18 and leave my home. How am I going to pay for my diabetes while paying for school, apartment, bills, etc.? (13 Apr 2002)
  35. Can people with type 1 diabetes get a driver's license? (3 Apr 2002)
  36. My seven year old son has type 1 diabetes. Is my son going to feel isolated? Different? Will he make friends? (3 Apr 2002)
  37. My issue is my wife who will persist on issuing lectures concerning low blood sugars and her actions when I have them or when I am angry. (1 Apr 2002)
  38. My 14 year old daughter who is on Humalog four times a daily and Ultralente, has been invited to an all-night lock-in at school. How do we prepare for this? (29 Mar 2002)
  39. Can a person with type 1 diabetes become a Certified Lifeguard? (27 Mar 2002)
  40. One of my friends told me that when you drink alcohol your blood sugars read high when they are actually low. Is this true? (17 Mar 2002)
  41. My daughter wants to spend the night with friends but does not know how to mix insulin. Should I reduce her insulin or increase her food intake? (26 Feb 2002)
  42. My most troubling problem is that I have always wanted to be in the military, but people with diabetes are not allowed to be in the military. (22 Feb 2002)
  43. In what way can I help my sisters without me actually being there to tell them that it's okay? (15 Feb 2002)
  44. At what point can a parent feel comfortable that child with diabetes could spend time alone? What have others done to cope with this issue? (18 Jan 2002)
  45. Are there any special requirements for a driver's license since I have type 1 diabetes? (14 Jan 2002)
  46. When me and my boyfriend have sex will I be okay? (11 Jan 2002)
  47. I am signed off sick from work as I am absolutely fed up with the struggle to get it right. How can I put a case to my company for retirement through ill health? (6 Jan 2002)
  48. Will the blood test show I'm on birth control, or would it just check for diabetes? (6 Jan 2002)

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