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Research News From 2000

  1. Sertoli cell-induced reversal of adult rat pancreatic islet beta-cells into fetal-like status: potential implications for islet transplantation in type I diabetes mellitus. See also Sertoli Cells Enhance Function of Pancreatic Islet Cell Grafts. (Free Medscape membership required) (31 December 2000)
  2. New Lab-Made Stem Cells May Be Key To Transplants. (31 December 2000)
  3. Study examined the prevalence of abnormal urinary albumin excretion in adolescents and children with insulin dependent diabetes. (31 December 2000)
  4. The ENDIT Group reviews the safety of high-dose nicotinamide. (31 December 2000)
  5. Trial at the Sansum Medical Research Institute in Santa Barbara, California, tests an implantable insulin pump. (31 December 2000)
  6. Diurnal Variation in Fasting Plasma Glucose has implications for diagnosis of diabetes in patients examined in the afternoon. (31 December 2000)
  7. Glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies (GADA) is the most important factor for prediction of insulin therapy within 3 years in young adult diabetic patients not classified as Type 1 diabetes on clinical grounds. (31 December 2000)
  8. Low-Dose Ramipril Reduces Microalbuminuria in Type 1 Diabetic Patients Without Hypertension. (24 December 2000)
  9. Risk of Nephropathy Can Be Detected Before the Onset of Microalbuminuria During the Early Years After Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. (24 December 2000)
  10. Study confirms that hyperglycaemia plays a major role in the development of microvascular complications in kidneys and eyes, and emphasises the need for optimal glycaemic control in children and adolescents with Type 1 diabetes. (24 December 2000)
  11. Intensive diabetes management decreases Na-Li countertransport in young subjects with Type 1 diabetes and enlarged kidneys. (24 December 2000)
  12. New Zealand corporation shares patent on rights to research linking milk with the onset of diabetes. (24 December 2000)
  13. Study finds subtle evidence of recognition memory impairments in children of mothers with Type 1 diabetes. (24 December 2000)
  14. Novel cream being studied as possible aid in diabetic neuropathy. (24 December 2000)
  15. Yale researcher seeks to prevent diabetes in inner-city youths. (24 December 2000)
  16. Screening for the IDDM high-risk genotype. A rapid microtitre plate method using serum as source of DNA. (24 December 2000)
  17. Treatment of diabetic nephropathy. (24 December 2000)
  18. Study examined growth in kids with Type 1 diabetes. (24 December 2000)
  19. Episodes of Severe Hypoglycemia in Type 1 Diabetes Are Preceded and Followed within 48 Hours by Measurable Disturbances in Blood Glucose. (24 December 2000)
  20. High Prevalence of the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Hirsutism in Women with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. (24 December 2000)
  21. Lack of Suppression of Glucagon Contributes to Postprandial Hyperglycemia in Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. (24 December 2000)
  22. Postnatal elimination of transplacentally acquired disease-associated antibodies in infants born to families with type 1 diabetes. (24 December 2000)
  23. Glucose-Dependent Insulin Release from Genetically Engineered K Cells. (17 December 2000)
  24. Diabetes research at the University of Florida gets big boost. (17 December 2000)
  25. Molecule May Stop Immune System Damage In Diabetes. (17 December 2000)
  26. Early peri-operative hyperglycaemia and renal allograft rejection in patients without diabetes. (17 December 2000)
  27. Relationship between patient practice-oriented knowledge and metabolic control in intensively treated Type 1 diabetic patients. (17 December 2000)
  28. Study finds cognitive deficits are associated with moderately impaired glucose regulation in young healthy volunteers. (17 December 2000)
  29. The 11th International Congress of Endocrinology was held in Sydney, Australia from 29 Oct to 2 Nov 2000. (17 December 2000)
  30. Researchers find a genetic cause of type 1 diabetes and autoimmunity. (10 December 2000)
  31. Study concludes that the incidence of insulin dependent diabetes in children aged under 5 years has risen markedly in the Oxford region over the past decade. (10 December 2000)
  32. Gut bugs could provide diabetes cure. (10 December 2000)
  33. Paper reviews Factors Associated with Cerebral Edema in Children with Diabetic Ketoacidosis. (10 December 2000)
  34. Leukocytosis and Other Predictors of Infection in Children with Diabetic Ketoacidosis. (10 December 2000)
  35. Does dietary protein intake correlate with markers suggestive of early diabetic nephropathy in children and adolescents with Type 1 diabetes mellitus? (10 December 2000)
  36. Beta cell function declines with age in glucose tolerant caucasians. (10 December 2000)
  37. Clinical Diabetes has an article about The New "Designer" Insulins. (3 December 2000)
  38. Does "Diet" Fail? explores the challenges of diet-alone therapy for Type 2 diabetes. (3 December 2000)
  39. Case Study: Use of an Insulin Pump in an Adolescent concludes that pump therapy "... can be a very helpful and safe tool in achieving better glycemic control in the adolescent population." (3 December 2000)
  40. Pancreas and Islet Transplantation for Patients With Diabetes. (3 December 2000)
  41. Neonatal Type I diabetes associated with maternal echovirus 6 infection. (3 December 2000)
  42. Effects of pulsatile intravenous insulin therapy on the progression of diabetic nephropathy. (3 December 2000)
  43. A researcher in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary has discovered a new type of gene therapy that brings about the remission of Type 1 diabetes. (26 November 2000)
  44. MiniMed reports on initiation of human clinical trials of a long-term implantable glucose sensor developed by an affiliated company, Medical Research Group, Inc. (19 November 2000)
  45. Study examines the Incidence of Childhood Type 1 Diabetes Worldwide. (19 November 2000)
  46. Tight Metabolic Control in Diabetic Pregnancy Necessary for Normal Fetal Growth. (Free Medscape membership required) (19 November 2000)
  47. Children with Diabetes Editor Jeff Hitchcock and Diabetes Team member Dr. Marco Songini were in Mexico City from November 4 through 7 to present the Children with Diabetes web site to the 17th Congress of the International Diabetes Federation.
    1. Read the Children with Diabetes presentation. (Presentation works best with the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.)
    2. Read our summary of new products shown at the Congress.
  48. PPL Therapeutics, the company that created Dolly, the cloned sheep, is focusing attention on pigs as a source of xenotransplant tissue for curing diabetes. (12 November 2000)
  49. Guilford Pharmaceuticals is developing NAALADase inhibitors, a potential treatment for diabetic neuropathy. (12 November 2000)
  50. Study reports on elevation of vitreous leptin in diabetic retinopathy and retinal detachment. (12 November 2000)
  51. Medscape offers a summary of the 36th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes. (12 November 2000)
  52. Female Pancreas Transplant Recipients at Risk for Hormone Abnormalities. (Free Mescape membership required) (12 November 2000)
  53. The need to find a method of successful islet transplantation using fewer donor islets and a way to do so without immunosuppression were two of the more important issues discussed at the October 28, 2000 Diabetes Research Institute Foundation Research Update in New York City. (5 November 2000)
  54. Yale University accepted a $5 million grant from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Wednesday to establish a center to study and control low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia. (5 November 2000)
  55. The CDC addresses the issue of vaccines and diabetes. (29 October 2000)
  56. Diabetes and the structure and function of the heart and blood vessels. (29 October 2000)
  57. Letter summarizes recent study about early exposure to cow's milk and potential increased risk of Type 1 diabetes. (29 October 2000)
  58. Study finds low-GI diet to be a promising alternative to standard dietary treatment for obesity in children. (29 October 2000)
  59. Estimating the benefits of solitary pancreas transplantation in nonuremic patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus. (29 October 2000)
  60. Carotid artery distensibility and cardiac function in adolescents with type 1 diabetes. (29 October 2000)
  61. Safety of high-dose nicotinamide: a review. (29 October 2000)
  62. MEDLINE Abstracts: Prevention of Type 1 Diabetes from Medscape summarizes recent studies in the prevention of Type 1 diabetes. (22 October 2000)
  63. NIH calls early halt to study which showed that an ACE inhibitor or a beta blocker protected kidneys better than a calcium channel blocker. (22 October 2000)
  64. Selection Criteria for and Outcomes of Pancreatic Transplantation. (Free Medscape membership required) (22 October 2000)
  65. Persistent Infection of Human Pancreatic Islets by Coxsackievirus B Is Associated with Alpha Interferon Synthesis in beta Cells. (22 October 2000)
  66. Study finds decreased prevalence of atopic diseases in children with diabetes. (22 October 2000)
  67. Study examined metabolic characteristics and urine albumin excretion rate in relation to pubertal maturation in Type 1 diabetes. (15 October 2000)
  68. Evaluation of diagnostic reliability of DCA 2000 for rapid and simple monitoring of HbA1c. (15 October 2000)
  69. Study reports on alveolar bone loss in type 1 diabetic subjects. (15 October 2000)
  70. Case study of 46-year-old man who died from DKA stresses the importance of proper diabetes education and care. (15 October 2000)
  71. Cerebral oedema during treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis: are we any nearer finding a cause? (15 October 2000)
  72. Study seeks to determine if ingested interferon alpha prolongs the honeymoon period. (15 October 2000)
  73. Study is exploring Depression In Juvenile Diabetics. (15 October 2000)
  74. Using the internet to access confidential patient records: a case study. (15 October 2000)
  75. Diabetes group tries to get word to Latinos. (15 October 2000)
  76. Study reports on novel hepatoselective insulin analog. (15 October 2000)
  77. New perspectives for gene therapy in endocrinology. (15 October 2000)
  78. Infections and risk of Type I (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus in Lithuanian children. (15 October 2000)
  79. The World Health Organization International Collaborative Study for Islet Cell Antibodies. (15 October 2000)
  80. HbA1c late in pregnancy of women with Type 1 diabetes correlates with birthweight. (15 October 2000)
  81. Study of craniofacial morphology and skeletal maturation in juvenile diabetics (Type I). (15 October 2000)
  82. Study examined what happened to injection and monitoring material after its use by diabetic patients in different countries. (15 October 2000)
  83. Lecture explored Endocrinology in the New Millenium. (15 October 2000)
  84. Diabetes Station held a chat wtih Dr. Jeff Bluestone, head of the Immune Tolerance Network. (8 October 2000)
  85. Incidence of Childhood Type 1 Diabetes Worldwide. (8 October 2000)
  86. Are trends in diabetes incidence changing for minority children? (8 October 2000)
  87. Study finds low incidence of Type 1 diabetes in Thailand. (8 October 2000)
  88. Study investigated the frequency of severe hypoglycemia and hypoglycemic coma and to identify clinical and behavioral risk indicators in a nonselected population of type 1 diabetic patients. (8 October 2000)
  89. Study concludes that cow's milk consumption in infancy is not related to IDDM in Iceland. (8 October 2000)
  90. Effect of cow's milk exposure and maternal type 1 diabetes on cellular and humoral immunization to dietary insulin in infants at genetic risk for type 1 diabetes. (8 October 2000)
  91. Study explored the pathogenesis of neonatal diabetes. (8 October 2000)
  92. University of Pittsburgh scientist reports on potentially novel way to measure blood glucose (abstract). (8 October 2000)
  93. Article reports on growing cost of diabetes in India. (8 October 2000)
  94. Researchers Discover New Genetic Culprit in Type 2 Diabetes. (1 October 2000)
  95. Dr. Glenn McGee of the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Bioethics discusses the discovery of the new diabetes gene. (1 October 2000)
  96. Waiting to inhale – news for the diabetes market reports on the progress of inhaled insulin. (1 October 2000)
  97. JDF co-sponsored a workshop on Hypoglycemia And The Brain. (1 October 2000)
  98. High levels of antibodies to GAD associated with worse glycemic control and worse peripheral nerve function in type 1 diabetes. (1 October 2000)
  99. Reduced acute rejection and superior 1-year renal allograft survival with basiliximab in patients with diabetes mellitus. (1 October 2000)
  100. Study suggests that children with Type 1 diabetes do not have a pervasive deficit in speed of information processing. (1 October 2000)
  101. Outcome of pregnancy in diabetic women in northeast England and in Norway. (1 October 2000)
  102. Study shows that people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes often have signs of disease 10 to 13 years before diagnosis. (1 October 2000)
  103. Paper reports on the varying types of HbA1c assays. (1 October 2000)
  104. Vitamin E supplementation restores glutathione and malondialdehyde to normal concentrations in erythrocytes of type 1 diabetic children. (24 September 2000)
  105. Study found that treatment with metformin during pregnancy was associated with increased prevalence of pre-eclampsia and a high perinatal mortality. (24 September 2000)
  106. Pediatric Bone Marrow Recipients Have High Long-Term Risk for Diabetes. (Free Medscape membership required) (24 September 2000)
  107. CDC researchers find no vaccine/diabetes risk to kids. (24 September 2000)
  108. Paper reviews HLA-DQ and Type 1 diabetes. (24 September 2000)
  109. German screening program identified a high hidden level of gestational diabetes. (24 September 2000)
  110. Editorial in the British Medical Journal asks Can islet cell transplantation treat diabetes?. (17 September 2000)
  111. Diagnosing diabetes in 2000. (17 September 2000)
  112. The cause of the epidemic of type 2 diabetes in children. (17 September 2000)
  113. Recent advances in the genetics of maturity-onset diabetes of the young and other forms of autosomal dominant diabetes. (17 September 2000)
  114. High blood pressure and diabetes mellitus: are all antihypertensive drugs created equal?. (17 September 2000)
  115. Study examines the Pathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes. (Free Medscape membership required) (17 September 2000)
  116. Pathogenesis of Obesity concludes that "obesity produces insulin resistance, which, in turn, leads to a number of the associated diseases that cause morbidity and premature mortality in many persons." (Free Medscape membership required) (17 September 2000)
  117. Effect of Niacin on Lipid and Lipoprotein Levels and Glycemic Control in Patients With Diabetes and Peripheral Arterial Disease. (17 September 2000)
  118. Use of cod liver oil during pregnancy associated with lower risk of Type I diabetes in the offspring. (3 September 2000)
  119. The European Association for the Study of Diabetes reports on the The 25th Anniversary of the Discovery of Islet Cell Antibodies. (3 September 2000)
  120. Excess blood sugar may boost free-radical production. (3 September 2000)
  121. Study finds that in patients with type 2 diabetes, the risk of diabetic complications was strongly associated with raised blood pressure. (3 September 2000)
  122. Study reviews the predictors of glycemic control in children with Type 1 diabetes. (3 September 2000)
  123. NIH Stem Cell Information includes Final Guidelines for Stem Cell Research. (27 August 2000)
  124. Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International issues statement on National Institutes of Health stem cell research guidelines. (27 August 2000)
  125. Study finds that oral administration of insulin initiated at clinical onset of type 1 diabetes did not prevent the deterioration of beta-cell function. (27 August 2000)
  126. Study examined prevalence of abnormal urinary albumin excretion in adolescents and children with insulin dependent diabetes. (27 August 2000)
  127. Study found that levels of serum advanced glycation end products were markedly increased in type 1 diabetic adolescents and young adults with diabetic nephropathy and retinopathy. (27 August 2000)
  128. Development of celiac disease-associated antibodies in offspring of parents with Type I diabetes. (27 August 2000)
  129. Use of Rapid-Acting Insulin to Restore Physiologic Insulin Levels: Avoidance of Postprandial Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia is an online tutorial that explains how pre- and postprandial hyperglycemia affect overall glycemic control. (Free Medscape membership required) (27 August 2000)
  130. Electron-beam CT predicts coronary artery disease in patients with type 1 diabetes. (Free Medscape membership required) (27 August 2000)
  131. Type 2 diabetes mellitus in adolescents examines risk factors for the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus, reviews diagnostic criteria, and discusses newly established screening criteria for type 2 diabetes mellitus in children and adolescents. (27 August 2000)
  132. Paper explores the molecular and genetic bases for maturity onset diabetes of youth. (27 August 2000)
  133. Diamyd diabetes vaccine approved for Phase II clinical trials. (27 August 2000)
  134. Center seeks patients for neuropathy treatment trial. (20 August 2000)
  135. Paper examines risk factors for the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus, reviews diagnostic criteria, and discusses newly established screening criteria for type 2 diabetes mellitus in children and adolescents. (20 August 2000)
  136. Study concludes that type 2 diabetes is programmed in utero in association with low rates of fetal growth. (20 August 2000)
  137. Study finds a strong association between increasing maternal age at delivery and risk of diabetes in the child. (20 August 2000)
  138. Islet cell transplantation more successful than previously thought. (20 August 2000)
  139. Firstborns of older parents face highest risk of Type 1 diabetes. (20 August 2000)
  140. Study finds that, in patients with type 2 diabetes, the risk of diabetic complications was strongly associated with raised blood pressure, and any reduction in blood pressure is likely to reduce the risk of complications. (20 August 2000)
  141. Study suggests that insulin may protect against heart disease. (20 August 2000)
  142. Study finds that vitamin E supplementation improves endothelial function in patients with type 1 diabetes. (13 August 2000)
  143. Study finds that Sardinan heritage confers a higher than average risk for developing Type 1 diabetes. (13 August 2000)
  144. A PC-1 amino acid variant (K121Q) is associated with faster progression of renal disease in patients with type 1 diabetes and albuminuria. (13 August 2000)
  145. Study explores association between rotavirus infection and pancreatic islet autoimmunity in children at risk of developing type 1 diabetes. (6 August 2000)
  146. Finnish study finds enterovirus infection to be a risk factor for beta-cell autoimmunity. (6 August 2000)
  147. Study reports on T-cell responses to enterovirus antigens in children with type 1 diabetes. (6 August 2000)
  148. Ingested interferon-alpha prevents allograft islet transplant rejection. (6 August 2000)
  149. Increased circulating nitric oxide in young patients with type 1 diabetes and persistent microalbuminuria: relation to glomerular hyperfiltration. (6 August 2000)
  150. The New England Journal of Medicine has published an editorial on Successful Islet Transplantation for Patients with Diabetes -- Fact or Fantasy? (30 July 2000)
  151. Can we create new organs from our own tissues? reviews potential future methods of curing metabolic disorders such as diabetes. (30 July 2000)
  152. Acceleration of type 1 diabetes by a coxsackievirus infection requires a preexisting critical mass of autoreactive T-cells in pancreatic islets. (30 July 2000)
  153. Study Suggests Diabetics Can Use Light to Measure Glucose. (30 July 2000)
  154. The Transplantation Xeno-Derby explores the challenges of using of pigs as a source of transplant tissue for humans. (30 July 2000)
  155. Study examined risk factors for microalbuminuria in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes. (30 July 2000)
  156. Study finds that teens with Type 1 diabetes have increased testosterone levels. (30 July 2000)
  157. Sublingual human insulin for hyperglycaemia in type 1 diabetes. (23 July 2000)
  158. Study reviewed ambulatory blood pressure, microalbuminuria, and autonomic neuropathy in adolescents with Type 1 diabetes. (23 July 2000)
  159. A novel subtype of type 1 diabetes mellitus characterized by a rapid onset and an absence of diabetes-related antibodies. (23 July 2000)
  160. Study reports on retinopathy and nephropathy in patients with type 1 diabetes four years after a trial of intensive therapy. (23 July 2000)
  161. Progression of microalbuminuria to proteinuria in type 1 diabetes: nonlinear relationship with hyperglycemia. (23 July 2000)
  162. Autonomic dysfunction and urinary albumin excretion rate are associated with an abnormal blood pressure pattern in normotensive normoalbuminuric type 1 diabetic patients. (23 July 2000)
  163. Predictors of change in the neuropsychological profiles of children with type 1 diabetes 2 years after disease onset. (23 July 2000)
  164. Long-term follow-up of infants of mothers with type 1 diabetes: evidence for hereditary and nonhereditary transmission of diabetes and precursors. (23 July 2000)
  165. Monogenic diabetes mellitus in youth. The MODY syndromes. (23 July 2000)
  166. Multicenter Trial of the Edmonton Protocol to Begin in Fall 2000 (20 July 2000)
  167. Study demonstrates in vitro cultivation of human islets from expanded ductal tissue. (20 July 2000)
  168. Inhaled insulin as effective as injections. (Free Medscape membership required) (20 July 2000)
  169. Diabetes threatens children; 23% of fifth-graders in Fort Worth at risk, study shows. (9 July 2000)
  170. Study finds that respiratory control is compromised very early in children with diabetes, leading to sleep apnea. (9 July 2000)
  171. Risk factors for cardiovascular disease in children with Type I diabetes. (9 July 2000)
  172. Study reviews relationship of dietary fat to glucose metabolism. (9 July 2000)
  173. Incidence of insulin dependent diabetes in youth in Israel. (9 July 2000)
  174. Insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity in relation to glucose tolerance. See also Impaired Fasting Glucose Distinct From Impaired Glucose Tolerance (free Medscape membership required). (9 July 2000)
  175. Study shows no evidence that vaccinations cause Type 1 diabetes. (2 July 2000)
  176. Joslin researchers report that small daily doses of insulin may delay or prevent onset of Type 1 diabetes. (2 July 2000)
  177. Finnish study suggests that high consumption of cow's milk during childhood can be diabetogenic in siblings of children with type 1 diabetes. (2 July 2000)
  178. Vitamin E May Benefit Type 1 Diabetics . (Source: Endothelial vasodilator function is related to low-density lipoprotein particle size and low-density lipoprotein vitamin E content in type 1 diabetes.) (2 July 2000)
  179. Japanese study shows that intensive therapy can delay the onset and progression of the early stages of diabetic microvascular complications in patients with Type 2 diabetes. (2 July 2000)
  180. Link Discovered Between Diabetes And Heart Disease. (Source: Delayed catabolism of apoB-48 lipoproteins due to decreased heparan sulfate proteoglycan production in diabetic mice.) (2 July 2000)
  181. Cygnus publishes new results about the GlucoWatch. (2 July 2000)
  182. Immunopathology of Type 1 Diabetes. (Free Medscape membership required) (2 July 2000)
  183. Severe diabetic problems end when patients receive transplanted cells, study shows. (CNN news report with video of Dr. James Shapiro) (25 June 2000)
  184. Diabetes Portal has information about islet cell transplant trials. (25 June 2000)
  185. Dr. Camilo Ricordi recently spoke about the new islet cell transplant protocol during an online chat session. (18 June 2000)
  186. Medscape has a review of research sessions from the recent ADA conference, including Working With Families of Adolescents With Diabetes, Advances in Pancreas and Islet Transplantation, Future Type 1 Diabetes Prevention Trials: From Bench to Bedside, and The Glycemic Index in Diabetes Meal Planning. (Free Medscape membership required) (18 June 2000)
  187. UCSD scientists successfully grow human beta cells in culture. See also Scientists have successfully cultured human beta cells that grow indefinitely. (18 June 2000)
  188. Dr. Fran Kaufman provides an overview on inhaled insulin. (18 June 2000)
  189. Study identifies potential method of identifying impending hypoglycemia at night. (18 June 2000)
  190. Toxic shock syndrome associated with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes. (18 June 2000)
  191. Issues arising from a phenomenological study with children who have diabetes mellitus. (18 June 2000)
  192. Scientists debate link between hepatitis B vaccine and Type 1 diabetes. (A recent study found no link.) (18 June 2000)
  193. The New England Journal of Medicine moved up publication of Islet Transplantation in Seven Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Using a Glucocorticoid-free Immunosuppressive Regimen. (11 June 2000)
  194. Dr. Camillo Ricordi reports on the Alberta Foundation's successful islet transplants. (4 June 2000)
  195. Alberta Foundation Reports on Successful Islet Transplants (2 June 2000)
  196. Study shows beneficial effects of C-peptide on incipient nephropathy and neuropathy in patients with Type 1 diabetes mellitus. (28 May 2000)
  197. Enterovirus RNA in Pre-Diabetic Children Confirms Link to Type 1 Diabetes. (Free Medscape membership required) (28 May 2000)
  198. Ketoacidosis in young adults is not related to the islet antibodies at the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes mellitus. (28 May 2000)
  199. Islet Sheet Medical reports on their recent experiments with implanted islets. (28 May 2000)
  200. DPT-1 at a Glance highlights the need for more people to participate. (Free Medscape membership required) (21 May 2000)
  201. Jay S. Skyler, MD, DPT-1 Chair, explains the importance of the DPT-1 trial. (Free Medscape membership required) (21 May 2000)
  202. JDF Awards $10 Million to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and University of Pittsburgh for New Research Center to Help Speed Diabetes Cure. (21 May 2000)
  203. Alberta Foundation Reports on Successful Islet Transplants. (19 May 2000)
  204. Oralgen (Oralin in Canada) is an oral insulin currently undergoing Phase II clinical trials. (14 May 2000)
  205. The Type 2 Family: A Setting for Development and Treatment of Adolescent Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. (14 May 2000)
  206. Study shows that adults with Type 2 diabetes do suffer from DKA. (14 May 2000)
  207. JDF Center for Prevention of Type 1 Diabetes in Finland Opens to Conduct Ongoing Research of Finnish Babies and Diabetes. (7 May 2000)
  208. Study explores internet as a tool for care of diabetic patients. (7 May 2000)
  209. Study found that patients with Type 1 diabetes who have good dental self-care had lower HbA1c levels. (30 April 2000)
  210. Social mixing through attendance at daycare in early infancy appears to confer protection against the development of childhood diabetes. (30 April 2000)
  211. Study finds that a combination of IGF-I/IGFBP-3 reduced insulin requirements in patients with type 1 diabetes. (30 April 2000)
  212. Islet Sheet Medical reports on continued progress of their bio-artificial pancreas work in a dog. (23 April 2000)
  213. The link between milk and diabetes is reviewed in a recent study. (23 April 2000)
  214. Study finds damage to porcine islets of Langerhans after exposure to human blood in vitro, or after intraportal transplantation to cynomologus monkeys. (16 April 2000)
  215. Study reviewed effect of diabetes in pregnancy on offspring. (16 April 2000)
  216. Study finds evidence for a new Graves Disease susceptibility locus at chromosome linked to Type 1 diabetes. (16 April 2000)
  217. Variation and trends in incidence of childhood diabetes in Europe. (9 April 2000)
  218. Report of the Expert Committee on the Diagnosis and Classification of Diabetes Mellitus reviews the new diagnostic criteria for diabetes pubished by the American Diabetes Association. (Free Medscape membership required) (2 April 2000)
  219. Studies review neonatal hyperinsulinism. (2 April 2000)
  220. University of pittsburgh researchers devise simple insulin resistance test to predict heart disease in type 1 diabetics. (26 March 2000)
  221. Disease-associated autoantibodies as surrogate markers of type 1 diabetes in young children at increased genetic risk. (26 March 2000)
  222. Thyroid Autoimmunity in Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes mellitus. (26 March 2000)
  223. Autoantibodies Predicting Diabetes mellitus Type I in Celiac Disease. (26 March 2000)
  224. Islet Sheet Medical reports that they have achieved euglycemia without immunosuppression in a dog. (19 March 2000)
  225. Sensitive glucose sensing in diabetes. (12 March 2000)
  226. Scientists Say Cell Treatment Can Reverse Diabetes in Mice. (12 March 2000)
  227. Drawing blood could become history with MIT ultrasound technique. See also the UCSB press release. (5 March 2000)
  228. Study reviews incidence of diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance in children and adolescents receiving growth-hormone treatment. (5 March 2000)
  229. Letter to the Editor reviews thromboembolic complications after treatment with monoclonal antibody against CD40 ligand. (5 March 2000)
  230. Canadian study concludes that children who are overweight have an increased risk of developing diabetes. (5 March 2000)
  231. Islet Sheet Medical reports on their progress with canine allografts and autografts. (5 March 2000)
  232. JDF posting clinical research trial information on their website. (5 March 2000)
  233. Early detection in children essential to prevent type 2 diabetes complications. (27 February 2000)
  234. A new study has suggested that celiac disease is far more prevalent in the United States than previously believed. (27 February 2000)
  235. The incidence of type 1 diabetes is high and increasing in Sweden. (27 February 2000)
  236. Generex Biotechnology is developing an oral insulin formulation. (20 February 2000)
  237. Nicotinamide inhibits enhanced in vitro production of interleukin-12 and tumour necrosis factor-alpha in peripheral whole blood of people at high risk of developing type 1 diabetes and people with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes. (20 February 2000)
  238. Incidence of and risk factors for cataract among diabetes clinic attenders. (20 February 2000)
  239. Islet cell antibody frequency differs from that of glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies/IA2 antibodies after diagnosis of diabetes. (20 February 2000)
  240. Study examines infections and vaccinations as risk factors for childhood Type 1 diabetes mellitus. (13 February 2000)
  241. Both insulin sensitivity and insulin clearance in children and young adults with Type 1 diabetes vary with growth hormone concentrations and with age. (13 February 2000)
  242. Study finds high frequency of diabetes-specific autoantibodies in parents of children with type 1 diabetes. (13 February 2000)
  243. The effect of insulin on human small intestinal mucosal protein synthesis. (13 February 2000)
  244. Clinical presentation of thyroid dysfunction and Addison's disease in young adults with type 1 diabetes. (13 February 2000)
  245. Normal pressure hydrocephalus in diabetic patients with recurrent episodes of hypoglycemic coma. (13 February 2000)
  246. A Novel Subtype of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Characterized by a Rapid Onset and an Absence of Diabetes-Related Antibodies. See also the accompanying editorial entitled Rapid-Onset Type 1 Diabetes with Pancreatic Exocrine Dysfunction. (13 February 2000)
  247. Impaired Skin Microvascular Function in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults With Type 1 Diabetes. (13 February 2000)
  248. Study finds long-term functional islet mass and metabolic function after xenoislet transplantation in primates. (13 February 2000)
  249. Simpler Screening Method Predicts Diabetes In Children. See also PubMed reference. (13 February 2000)
  250. Dr. Kevan Herold's research to find a cure makes news. (See Clinical trial of a new immunosuppresive agent to treat new onset Type 1 diabetes mellitus.) (13 February 2000)
  251. Beta Cell Replacement and Islet Transplantation, from the January/February 2000 issue of Diabetes Self-Management, offers a brief introduction to what some feel will be the cure for Type 1 diabetes. (30 January 2000)
  252. JDF and NIH Announce New Partnership to Study Diabetic Neuropathy. (30 January 2000)
  253. Frontiers in transplantation of insulin-secreting tissue for diabetes mellitus, from the Canadian Journal of Surgery, explores pancreas and islet cell transplants. (23 January 2000)
  254. Study confirms effectiveness of inhaled insulin in patients with Type 2 diabetes. (23 January 2000)
  255. Study reports on pancreas transplantation for the prevention of diabetic nephropathy. (23 January 2000)
  256. New study explores cow's milk link to Type 1 diabetes. (23 January 2000)
  257. Prevention of autoimmune diabetes by oral administration of syngeneic pancreatic extract to young NOD mice. (23 January 2000)
  258. Autoantibody recognition of COOH-terminal epitopes of GAD65 marks the risk for insulin requirement in adult-onset diabetes mellitus. (23 January 2000)
  259. Porcine endogenous retroviral mRNAs in pancreas and a panel of tissues from specific pathogen-free pigs. (23 January 2000)
  260. Study reports mechanisms of coxsackievirus-induced damage to human pancreatic beta-cells. (23 January 2000)
  261. Study finds diabetic patients had more gastrointestinal symptoms than non-diabetic population. (16 January 2000)
  262. Study finds evidence that vascular disease starts early in the course of childhood diabetes. (16 January 2000)
  263. Study finds that elevated levels of fasting insulin are associated with impaired fibrinolysis and hypercoagulability in subjects with normal glucose tolerance. (16 January 2000)
  264. Potentials and pitfalls in neonatal screening for type 1 diabetes. (9 January 2000)
  265. Lessons from recent epidemiological studies in type 1 childhood diabetes. (9 January 2000)
  266. Volunteers Needed For Type 2 Diabetes Genetic Research Study. (9 January 2000)

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