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The Bouvier Family, South Burlington, Vermont
November 28 - December 19, 2002

Photo Ruby arrived today!!! Welcome to our home! Thanks Lawlor Family. Sarah (age 6; dxd June 2001) was so excited to get her before Thanksgiving. Her brothers, Matt and Jake, gather around to check Ruby out and to see al the places she had been. After seeing all the neat pins Ruby was wearing on her shirt, we decided we needed to get Ruby a VT pin before she leaves us. It just happened that Sarah was wearing her "Walk To Cure" t-shirt today so we took a picture of Sarah and Ruby with their t-shirts.

November 28, 2002
It's Thanksgiving and we are very thankful to have Ruby join our family for Thanksgiving. We are going to Gramma and Grampa's house today. All our cousins will be there. Sarah can't wait to have turkey and especially cranberry sauce (we'll have to keep a watch on that - lots of carbs!). We had a wonderful day with all of our family and came home just in time to climb into bed. Ruby got exhausted from all that playing with Sarah's cousins, eating, watching football and eating some more. Considering the day BS were pretty good. :)

Photo November 29, 2002
Today we got up early and got ready to go skiing. It was opening day at Bolton Valley Ski Area (only 40 minutes away from us). Sarah is a great skier and wanted to show Ruby all the snow in VT, but Ruby had to watch from inside the lodge. It was much too cold and wet for her outside and besides, we didn't have skis little enough for her. We skied all day, but had to take several breaks for food so Sarah wouldn't go low. She thought that we took too many - she didn't want to stop skiing.

December 1 - 4
Mom was sick, so Ruby, along with Sarah, Matt, Jake and Daddy all helped out a lot. Ruby was even a great comfort to me while everyone was all school and work.

December 5, 2002
Sarah took Ruby to 1st Grade today and shared all about being able to test Ruby and give her shot and showed all her classmates the "patches" on Ruby and how she does her tests and shots in the same places. Sarah and her brother, Matt (8), love to test Ruby and take care of her. She's often either low or high when Matt tests her and he makes sure to give her juice if she's low or give her extra Humalog if she's high (I think he likes to practice :).

Photo December 7, 2002
GREAT EXCITEMENT! Today Ruby got to Ride with Sarah's Daddy in an F-16 Jet!! Daddy was flying today and Ruby so wanted a ride and had been so good since she has been here that Daddy though she deserved it. Lucky Ruby!!! Nobody else in our family has been able to have a ride, besides many military reasons, the F-16 is only a one seat airplane. Just room enough for Daddy, but Ruby is small enough she found a tiny space to curl up. She flew over the snow covered mountains and over Lake Champlain and then over New York. She told us that it was quite a view! Luckily she didn't need to use the air sick bag, because they don't really have them like on big passenger planes. She came home and told us all about it. It was hard for Sarah and Ruby to sleep that night with so much excitement.

December 9, 2002
Tonight Sarah's brother, Jake (12), had a Band Concert. Ruby loved the music! It was very lively and she loved it when the eighth graders played a holiday song and they all put on Santa or other festive hats. One hat even flipped it's tip from one side to the other, by itself. We think it must have been battery operated. We all had lots of fun. Sarah and Ruby had a snack during the concert and went to bed when we got home.

December 10, 2002
Today was Sarah's 3 month check-up with her Dietician and Diabetes Specialist. HBA1c has gotten higher. We will be working hard to get her numbers back down, but otherwise Sarah is very healthy and doing well. We are very proud of how much Sarah has learned about her own body and how Diabetes affects her. She's amazing! She does her own finger sticks and is know most foods that have carbs vs. ones that are "free" and about how much of things that she needs to eat for meals/snacks. We are still working on having her do her own insulin shots, but she is only 6 (well almost 7 - in five more days) after all.

December 12, 2002
Ruby has been staying home a lot while Sarah's in school and keeping Mom company and Sarah looks forward to seeing her after school. Tonight, Ruby went with Sarah to Church. Sarah is going to be an Angel in our Church's Nativity Play this Sunday. Both her brothers are also in the Nativity Play - both doing separate readings. It's become an annual tradition (although Jacob thinks he's getting too old to be in it next year). They try to incorporate kids of all ages and adults in the productions. It's a lot of fun!

December 13, 2002
Mom picked us up from school today, and brought Ruby with her. Ruby is starting to understand what "Cabin Fever" is. It's not been great weather to play outside since she's been here. From school, we went to the VT Air National Guard, where Sarah's Daddy works. He's a pilot there and we had heard that Santa was coming to visit all the children of the kids at the Squadron. Sure enough soon after we arrived Santa taxied up in an F-16! Wow - the kids were kind of amazed that Santa knew how to fly an F-16, but he is quite magical and very smart. Sarah and Ruby sat on Santa's lap and he gave them a present to share. It was a flower growing kit. Sarah loves to plant flowers.

December 14, 2002
We've had Ruby way too long and she's getting anxious to meet the next family, but we have been so busy with all the holiday goings on that we haven't found time to send her on her way. Now, we have another family Christmas party to go to today and Ruby hates to miss a party. Then tomorrow is Sarah's 7th birthday. We are having a blast, but Ruby is going to need a rest at her next stop after all the happenings around here.

December 15, 2002
Ruby woke Sarah up early today and sang her Happy Birthday! We had a special breakfast and then got ready early for church. After church today was our Nativity Play, then home to decorate for Sarah's birthday party. Seven of Sarah's girl friends came over this afternoon to celebrate her birthday. Sarah got a Karaoke machine for her birthday so the girls had great fun singing and dancing. They also played twister (Ruby's legs were a little short to reach the different colors), and musical chairs. Cake and ice cream were planned for afternoon snack time and with all that singing and dancing we figured Sarah and Ruby needed a few extra carbs. Well....BS at dinner were a little high. :( I guess the cake affected her more than we thought it would. Usually we scrape off most of the frosting - we didn't do that today. Sarah and Ruby fell asleep fast tonight, while listening to the Lilo and Stitch Soundtrack that she received as a gift today.

December 16, 2002
Back to school - Mom's going to try to get Ruby off to NH today.

December 17, 2002
Oops - still didn't get to the post office and now Sarah is feeling sick. She has a sore throat and fever and spilling some ketones. No school for Sarah today. She is curled up on the couch resting with Ruby. They both have a headache from high BS.

December 18, 2002
She's back at school. Ruby wasn't so sure Sarah should go to school today, but she really wanted to be there for her school's holiday music assembly. Sarah's class is singing about snowmen. Mom gave the nurse special instructions for extra BS testing and ketones testing today and stayed close to the phone. Ruby wanted to hear Sarah sing, so we went to the music assembly right after lunch to hear the music and check on Sarah. Sarah was looking a little wiped out and Ruby still wasn't sure she should stay at school, but there's so much exciting happening this week. Sarah had a dress rehearsal, at school, for a play she is in on Friday. Ruby and Mom reluctantly went home, but called the Dr. to get her an appointment. for after school. Guess what -- Sarah has Strep. :( She's pretty sad, but happy to have some medicine to help her feel better. Unfortunately she has to have the chewable medicine, instead of the liquid, because it has a lot less sugar. Ruby's helping her get it down.

December 19, 2002
Ruby asked Sarah to stay home today to rest up and have one more day to spend with her before Mom finally sends Ruby off for her next family visit. We will miss you Ruby! Hope you remember your time in VT and all the fun we had together. Happy Holidays!

PS - It's been 13-17 degrees here this week, but tomorrow it's suppose to rain and wash away all our snow. :( Hope we get some more before Christmas!

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