Report: Summary - Urchin Summary Report
Date Range: 05/01/2008 - 05/31/2008
Total Sessions 709,105.00
Total Pageviews 7,230,118.00
Total Hits 18,727,518.00
Total Bytes Transferred 172.77 GB
Average Sessions Per Day 22,874.35
Average Pageviews Per Day 233,229.61
Average Hits Per Day 604,113.48
Average Bytes Transferred Per Day 5.57 GB
Average Pageviews Per Session 10.20
Average Hits Per Session 26.41
Average Bytes Per Session 255.48 KB
Average Length of Session 00:06:11
The Summary shows totals and averages for Sessions, Pageviews, Hits, and Bytes, in aggregate, for all Profiles associated with your username over the currently selected Date Range.
Calculation Methodology
Session: A series of Hits to your site over a specific period of time by one visitor.
Pageview: A request to the web server by a visitor's browser for any web page; this excludes images and other media types.
Hit: Any request to a webserver from a visitor's browser.
Bytes: The quantity of network bandwidth used by the files requested during the selected Date Range.
Because Bytes numbers can be very large, abbreviations are used as appropriate, such as MB for megabytes (~millions of bytes).
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