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Actually, I Can.: Growing Up with Type 1 Diabetes, A Story of Unexpected Empowerment

Morgan was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 6 years old — but that didn’t stop her! In this informative memoir, she looks back at her life and shares her experiences to help others who’ve been diagnosed, and their families, to understand everything from the gadgets to the legislation, the joy and the frustrations. Morgan has dedicated her life to the advocacy and education of her disease.

Bolus Blues

Bolus Blues tells the story of Zander Burke and his momentous summer just before entering middle school. Zander is a type 1 adolescent with diabetes.

Brody, Lucie and the Food Fairy

Lucie and Stargold are back and they are going to Growland again! This time, they are bringing Brody, Lucie’s best friend, who has diabetes. One day, Lucie finds her best friend Brody sitting all alone on the curb, looking rather unwell. She takes him to see the school nurse. When the nurse helps Brody deal with his high blood sugars, Lucie learns that he has type 1 diabetes. While she is surprised that her best friend kept such a secret from her, Lucie also tries to understand what diabetes is… but the whole thing is so confusing that yes, you guessed it, Stargold the Food Fairy appears to whisk them away to her magic land. In Growland, the fairy will help both children to make sense of it all. Lucie and Brody will learn that Brody’s body works differently. They will also learn how Type I Diabetes is managed and how to cope with periods of hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia as well as negative feelings towards having to deal with such an illness. Read Lucie, Brody, and the Food Fairy to find out why Brody has kept his diabetes secret from his best friend until now.

DIABETease: A lighter look at the serious subject of diabetes

DIABETease is a book of humorous illustrations, which inject a little fun into the otherwise serious side of diabetes.

Diabetes Helpers

This pioneering children’s book about diabetes is the first book to focus on children who help their loved ones with diabetes and to combine conversations about three types of diabetes into one book.

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly way to discuss diabetes, this book is for you. Readers follow three characters, Jalanah, Grace, and Antonio, as they show the small ways they help their loved ones. There is a surprise coloring book at the end that encourages children to further engage with the book and define themselves as a diabetes helper too.

This mother-daughter duo wrote diabetes helpers to encourage others. Dr. Deroze lives with Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults, and her seven-year-old daughter, Jalanah, is her diabetes helper. Jalanah has learned how to run to the fridge in a flash and bring her mother juice to correct hypoglycemia, as she’s learned how to read and write. For all the kids who have or who are learning about diabetes as they are learning about the world, this book recognizes them.

Help With The Hard Stuff

Help With the Hard Stuff is a workbook designed for teens diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and their parents.

Mommy Beeps cover

Mommy Beeps

This is a great picture book that fosters family conversations around diabetes from the perspective of a child with a mother with type 1 diabetes. The author, Kimberly Baillieul, purposefully made the book simplistic to help keep the attention of young children and encourage the reader to ask the child questions. This is a needed resource for the diabetes community, as more and more adults with type 1 diabetes are becoming parents, and more adults who are already parents are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

My Pancreas Needs Glasses

My Pancreas Needs Glasses is a fun and warm-hearted story about two brothers discovering that there are many people in the world that are challenged with illness, physical limitations, and other health related conditions – and how they are really no different when it comes to living full and happy lives.

My Sister Has Diabetes and How That Makes Me Feel

My name is Grace Rooney, and when I was two years old, my older sister, Paige, got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. At the time, there were many resources for Paige and my parents, but nothing for me. When I was six, I wrote this book. I am now 19 and have published it to support other siblings of kids with diabetes. I’d love to hear from you.

No Joke

“No Joke” is a graphic novel that tells the story of a child being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes from the perspective of a sibling. When his younger brother, Callum is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Simon seeks to understand their new normal while upholding his status as Cal’s stellar big brother. Includes an Activity Page to help families reflect on their T1D experiences.

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