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dinosaur tamer
The Dinosaur Tamer (and Other Stories for Children with Diabetes)

Marcia Levine Mazur, Peter Banks, and Andrew Keegan

The Dinosaur Tamer is just one of the 25 fictional stories that will entertain, enlighten, and ease your child’s frustrations about having diabetes. Each tale warmly evaporates the fear of insulin shots, blood tests, being “different,” and all the other not-so-fun parts of having diabetes.

Seeing life with diabetes woven into a series of fictional short stories is a welcomed respite from some of the non-fiction, data-heavy books about diabetes. The stories in The Dinosaur Tamer takes a light-hearted approach to some challenging conversations about diabetes, and as an adult with diabetes, I enjoyed and appreciated the playful approach.

Kerri Sparling, CWD Editorial Director

Published by American Diabetes Association. ISBN 0-945448-58-9. 186 pages, paperback. US$9.95.1995

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