101 Tips for Raising Healthy Kids with Diabetes

Laura Hieronymus, MDEd, APRN, BC-ADM, CDE and Patti Geil, MS, RD, FADA, CDE

Parents of toddlers and teens with type 1 and 2 diabetes get tips from diabetes educators to help their children eat right and live healthy. Straightforward Q&A format answers questions from nutrition to medication.

  • One of the few up-to-date books of its kind to include health and parenting information on toddlers with diabetes
  • With obesity and diabetes on the rise in children, parents are eager for information that can make raising a child with diabetes easier

101 Tips for Raising Healthy Kids with Diabetes offers answers to various questions you may have about diabetes care. Unfortunately, some of the answers are incomplete at best or outdated at worst. In particular, two questions and answers which deal with young kids and challenges around meals (refusing to eat or forgetting snacks) focus exclusively on trying to change the child’s behavior rather than adopting an insulin regimen that makes such common behavior less dangerous. For example, telling a four-year-old to eat after an injection hints at an out-dated regimen of Regular and NPH (see Care Suggestions). In another answer, a parent who feels overwhelmed is simply told to contact a local ADA office, with no mention of the great many other sources of support (CWD, JDRF, etc.). So while many of the answers are good, several are not up to the standards that we would recommend.

Published by the American Diabetes Association. Paperback, 128 pages. $14.95 ISBN 1-58040-242-9.2006

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