A Child in Your Care has Diabetes, 3rd Edition

Elisa Hendel

This book is in SPANISH and ENGLISH. This book will help people to better understand and manage important information about diabetes. More importantly, it will help the individuals involved in the life of a child with diabetes: learn to identify dangerous situations and provide them with the simple instructions necessary to handle an emergency quickly and safely. Several School Districts across the United States, Summer Camps and Hospitals are presently utilizing the forms in the 2nd edition to create consistency for the individuals in their care with Diabetes. The book can be purchased directly from the author from the Hen House press web site. Also available in an English/Spanish edition (ISBN 0971861226, $34.95).

A Child in Your Care has Diabetes is a collection of charts, logs, and checklists for parents to use with schools and child care providers. After copying pages from the book (save the book as a master), you’ll fill in the particulars of your child’s needs. Included is a staff meeting checklist to help you cover everything, testing results and instructions, field trip guidance, what to do at class parties, and many other forms that every child with diabetes needs — even insulin pump information. If your child with diabetes attends school or day care, a book like A Child in Your Care has Diabetes can help you get organized. Highly Recommended

Published by Hen House Press, 2005. ISBN 0971861218. US$27.95.2005

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