A Field Guide to Type 1 Diabetes

American Diabetes Association

Living with diabetes is as challenging as hiking and camping in the wilderness.

As it always pays to be prepared before beginning a journey, it also pays for people with diabetes to be prepared before they start each day. In true Field Guide fashion, this book boils down vital information for readers into short sections and checklists of their necessities, what they need to do, and what to take with them on the course of their day. A Field Guide to Type 1 Diabetes includes sections on insulin; tools, food, and exercise; complications; and how to’s.

Key features include:

  • Background on the biology and physical aspects of type 1 diabetes
  • Vital information about insulin, insulin plans, and delivery methods
  • Easy-to-understand charts and checklists that walk readers through the who, how, and why of diabetes

A Field Guide to Type 1 Diabetes is essentially a crash-course in type 1 diabetes fit into a 200-page, 4-by-9 inch paperback book. The size of the book makes it a bit tricky to read (crack the spine right away to help keep the pages open), but it’s filled with good information on every aspect of type 1 diabetes. Though not specifically written for type 1 diabetes in kids, it’s still a useful addition to your diabetes library. Also, if you’re looking for one book to help relatives understand the management of type 1 diabetes, this is a good place to start. The material is well organized and very easy to understand, yet covers the essentials.

Pubished by the American Diabetes Association. Paperback, 106 pages. $14.95. ISBN 1-58040-170-8.2002

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