Food, Fun, n’ Fitness

Mary C. Friesz, PhD, RD, CDE, LDN

Dr. Mary Friesz has combined her extensive experience as a nutrition and exercise specialist, certified diabetes educator, wellness consultant – and MOM – with her own personal journey through childhood obesity and disordered eating, to create the ultimate guide for enhancing the well-being of our youth. Food, Fun n’ Fitness emphasizes the importance of healthy lifestyle habits — nutrition, physical activity and a healthy self-image — as the foundation for healthy children and healthy adults. From nutrition and fitness basics, to overcoming the media and the cultural pressures that breed low self-esteem and unhealthy habits, Dr. Mary offers insightful guidance, clear explanations and practical solutions to help get every family on the road to health.

In Food, Fun n’ Fitness, Mary C. Friesz reviews how our diet and lifestyles have changed over the past few decades. She discusses the food groups we need to encourage our children to eat and promotes exercise for all. There is even information on eating disorders. This is a good book for those interested in finding their way back to the healthy food aisle.
Review by Brenda Hitchcock

ISBN 0-9715662-0-8. 258 Pages. $14.95.2002

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