Growing Up With Diabetes: What Children Want Their Parents to Know

Alicia McAuliffe

Using personal experiences, both her own and those of the kids with diabetes that she counsels, the author covers the issues that often lead to strained relationships and even battles.

Diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 11, Alicia McAuliffe strives to help parents learn how to communicate with their child with diabetes. She emphasizes that parents should let their child be a child first, then, secondly, a person with diabetes. Ms. McAuliffe points out that diabetes education is critical for both the person with diabetes and his/her parent(s). Specifically, the book explains how children feel when they’re diagnosed; why diabetes is a bigger adjustment for you than for your child; how to encourage a healthy approach to diabetes; the importance of diabetes education; how to make your child’s life as normal as possible; dealing with outsies forces (school, day care, relatives, etc.); and eliminating the power struggle for independence in adolescence. Recommended for all parents of kids with diabetes.

— Brenda Hitchcock

Published by John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 1-56561-150-0. Paperback, 110 pages. US$10.95.1998

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