Highs & Lows

Michael Twist

One in twenty people in North America have diabetes. This book will prepare them for living with the disease.

In his book Highs and Lows, Canadian Michael Twist describes what it is like to be a young adult diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He provides insight into what it’s like to be given a schedule of shots, tests and meals when you are living a carefree teenage schedule full of fun and activities that don’t always fit in with such a regimen. Twist gives advice on traveling and ways to treat lows. This book is recommended for young adults and parents of older teens as it gives an excellent understanding of the distress at being diagnosed with diabetes.

— Brenda Hitchcock

Published by Insomniac Press. ISBN 1-894663-05-5. Paperback, 176 pages. US$15.95.2001

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