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Living With Juvenile Diabetes: A Practical Guide for Parents and Caregivers

Victoria Peurrung

In Living with Juvenile Diabetes, author Victoria Peurrung, mother to two children with juvenile diabetes, provides answers and coping strategies for families everywhere who are struggling with juvenile diabetes. Living with Juvenile Diabetes offers practical hints and ideas for parents, teachers, coaches and other caregivers who deal with children with Type 1 diabetes, as well as how to help their child deal with the condition on a daily basis. Read Living with Juvenile Diabetes for: The latest facts and treatments How to deal with the emotional rollercoaster Step-by-step instructions for preparing insulin and giving injections Tips on exercise and nutrition Recipes, supplies, research trends and much more!

As the mother of two young children with Type 1 diabetes, Victoria Peurrung has written a book about caring for children with diabetes based on her own “practical” experience. She includes lots of healthy recipes; kitchen tips; advice on how to deal with emergencies, such as lows and sick days; a brief summary of current research; and a good list of resources for more information and help. Providing information on the basics of diabetes, Mrs. Peurrung has written a fairly all-encompassing book, although she has not included information on insulin types her children do not use, including Lente, Ultralente and the soon-to-be-available Lantus. In general, the book is a good starting point for parents of newly diagnosed children.

— Brenda Hitchcock

Published by Hatherleigh Press. ISBN 1-57826-057-4. US$14.95.2001

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