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My Child Has Diabetes: A Parent’s Guide to a Normal Life After Diagnosis

Karen Hargrave-Nykaza

From the moment her son was diagnosed with diabetes, author Karen Hargrave-Nykaza felt lost. Although there was plenty of medical information on the disease, she struggled to find ideas for managing typical, everyday activities. How would she keep her family’s life normal while addressing one child’s health issues? How much information did her son’s school need? Play dates, birthday parties, and her son’s developing independence also troubled her.Faced with such challenges, and having no resource to turn to, Hargrave-Nykaza began her quest to uncover the answers. In a straightforward, supportive manner, My Child Has Diabetes shares Hargrave-Nykaza’s knowledge to help other parents in similar situations cope with their child’s disease. With checklists, tips, and reassurance, My Child Has Diabetes includes topics such as the following:· Adjusting to life with diabetes Finding support for you and your child Supplying your child’s school with the necessary information Gaining control without obsessing If you’re the parent of a diabetic child, put your mind at ease-learn to create a healthy, happy environment for your children and your family with My Child Has Diabetes.

Your child has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. You’ve learned how to check blood sugar levels and inject insulin. Then you’re sent home. Now what?

Parent Karen Hargrave-Nykaza will help you figure out what living with diabetes really means — dealing with school, finding and trusting a babysitter, sleepovers, birthday parties, siblings, and taking care of yourself — and that’s just the beginning. If you’re new to diabetes and are looking for help from an experienced mom, My Child Has Diabetes is a good place to start.

Published by iUniverse. ISBN 0-595-38841-8. US$12.95.2006

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