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one lump or two
One Lump or Two?

Haidee Soule Merritt

A collection of cartoons inspired by the diabetes lifestyle, these illustrations span a period of more than a decade. Starting out as nothing more than a few doodles and growing to represent a lifetime of personal struggles and experiences after life changing eye surgeries in the author’s early 20s. During that period she stubbornly continued to write in her journal and finger paint in colors she couldn’t see. As she gradually recovered partial vision, Haidee rediscovered her love for the simplicity and straightforwardness of pen & ink. The cartoons in One Lump or Two mark a significant chapter in Haidee’s artistic life that she overcame with humor.

Bird Wing Press; First edition (March 17, 2016), 118 pages, ISBN-10 : 09822561082016

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