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When You’re a Parent with Diabetes

From the psychological to the medical to the purely practical, Kathryn Gregorio Palmer guides parents with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes through the ups and downs of staying healthy while raising a family.

World’s Worst Diabetes Mom

Raising a happy and healthy child with type 1 diabetes, as well as any siblings, requires flexibility, planning, and a great sense of humor above all else. It’s a journey full of challenges, but you are not alone!

Young Adult Type 1 Diabetes Realities

Young adulthood is full of exciting discoveries, new adventures and lots of learning. For those young adults with type 1 diabetes, this time of life can be stressful and dangerous. This book is full of practical advice and first-person accounts of how to successfully manage the transition from dependence (life with Mom and Dad) to independence in life with type 1 diabetes.

Young Voices: Life with Diabetes

In Young Voices – Life with Diabetes, the faceless generation who are mere numbers in tomorrow’s diabetes statistics are given a face and a voice – both in a global context and in their communities. Narrated by Hala Khalaf, Novo Nordisk Media Prize winner 2004, and photographed by Jesper Westley, Young Voices – Life with Diabetes is a collection of eight stories about the lives of thirteen youths around the world.

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