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Prevention and Recovery from Eating Disorders in Type 1 Diabetes: Injecting Hope

Prevention and Recovery from Eating Disorders in Type 1 Diabetes: Injecting Hope sheds light on an often overlooked and misunderstood issue: the problem of eating disorders in women with type 1 diabetes – referred to by lay people and the media as “diabulimia” and characterized by insulin restriction as a means of calorie purging for weight loss. Drawing on a series of recent interviews and over 16 years of research and clinical experience with this unique phenomenon, author Dr. Ann Goebel-Fabbri provides groundbreaking insight into the lives of women who have recovered from eating disorders in type 1 diabetes. She explores the condition’s origins, its effects on the lives of those affected, and possible paths to recovery. Also included are suggestions for prevention and treatment, as well as practical and inspirational advice from now-recovered women. Prevention and Recovery from Eating Disorders in Type 1 Diabetes is a valuable guide for patients and loved ones, diabetes treatment teams, and eating disorder clinicians.

Pumping Insulin

Pumping Insulin gives a complete guide for achieving excellent glucoses on a smart insulin pump and CGM. Pump users and health professionals will benefit from comprehensive, and easy-to-use information on bolus calculators, settings, infusion sets, and data. Get the most out of your pump!

Rage Bolus & Other Poems

From the author of Balancing Diabetes and the creator of comes Rage Bolus & Other Poems, a poetry compilation filled with levity, introspection, and honest insight about life with diabetes. (Some of it rhymes. Some of it doesn’t … “pancreas” doesn’t rhyme with much.)

Raising A Child With Diabetes

The third edition of American Diabetes Association Guide to Raising a Child with Diabetes features the latest advances in diabetes care and parenting advice from the diabetes experts.

Raising Teens with Diabetes: A Survival Guide for Parents

The teen years with diabetes on board are a challenging time for parents and anyone who cares about a child with diabetes. Raising Teens with Diabetes: A Survival Guide for Parents, by well-known diabetes mom, author, and advocate Moira McCarthy, is a no-nonsense, honest approach at not just surviving but thriving in those years, from a mom who has been there.

Real-Life Guide to Diabetes

Here’s everything you need to know about diabetes in a one-of-a-kind book packed with information you won’t find anywhere else. Using an easy-to-search format, Real-Life Guide to Diabetes lets you find the answers to your most pressing questions quickly and easily. Other books give you complex systems to manage your diabetes, but those rarely work in real life – it’s time for a more realistic approach.

Sharps Cabaret

In SHARPS CABARET, Giebenhain handles the underestimated and overlooked with good-natured force. From horseshoe-pitching in a war zone to Mary the Mother of God speaking from an icon, from reading graffiti in a Prague restaurant to American health insurers acting like highway bandits, from the startling cleanliness of German windows to the introduction of the patron saint of the world’s most confusingly-named disease, here’s a collection that urges us to look again.


In Shot, Amy Ryan shows what it really takes to live with and manage an incurable disease. She charts the essential duties that keep her stable while revealing the daily concerns, the simple rewards and victories, the fears of highs and lows, and the psychological strain of depending on herself, a drug, and a network of health care providers to stay alive with diabetes.

Sweet Invisible Body: Reflections on a Life With Diabetes

Now in paperback, this vivid and often beautifully written account of the realities of diabetes (Chicago Tribune) is essential reading for diabetics and their friends and families.

Sweet Kids: How to Balance Diabetes Control & Good Nutrition with Family Peace, Second Edition

Offers parents advice on helping their diabetic children, and discusses diet, meal planning, snacks, low blood sugar, sports, and child development

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