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Taking Control of Your Diabetes, 5th Edition

This 5th edition of Taking Control of Your Diabetes is a comprehensive book for people with diabetes and their loved ones. With practical information and advice, author Steven Edelman, MD, arms you with the knowledge you need to more effectively manage your diabetes and feel a little lighter and brighter in the process.

The ABCs of Loving Yourself with Diabetes

The ABCs Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes can help anyone with diabetes treat themselves more lovingly, with patience and forgiveness, and reawaken what they love-all of which can create better diabetes management.

The Book of Better

Throughout my extended career as a person with diabetes, the most important fact I have learned is that ANY BIT BETTER (…3%…5%…28%…91%…) IS STILL BETTER. It might be the most important thing you can know about your diabetes. Maybe we can’t make it perfect. But we absolutely CAN make it BETTER. Diabetes gets Better if you make it Better.

The Complete Diabetes Organizer: Your Guide to a Less Stressful and More Manageable Diabetes Life

Do you run out of supplies and forget endocrinologist appointments? Do you find snacks in your pantry that expired sometime before the insulin pump was invented? Do you struggle to keep track of health-care invoices and payments? Do you succeed at keeping an active health journal for a week or two and then neglect it for a year or two?

It sounds like you could use The Complete Diabetes Organizer!

The Diabetes Travel Guide, 2nd Edition

This is still the best resource for you if you’re traveling and have diabetes. You learn how to travel safely, how to anticipate any problem by creating a diabetes survival kit, how to find insurance to cover medical expenses while you travel, and how to plan for anything that can go wrong.

The Discovery of Insulin

In a brilliant, definitive history of one of the most significant and controversial medical events of modern times, award-winning historian Michael Bliss brings to light a bizarre clash of scientific personalities.

The Everything Parent’s Guide to Children with Juvenile Diabetes

The Everything Parent’s Guide to Children with Juvenile Diabetes helps readers to cope with the challenges of helping their children live happy, healthy lives while controlling the disease.

The Fight to Survive: A Young Girl, Diabetes, and the Discovery of Insulin

In 1919, when 11-year-old Elizabeth Evan Hughes was first diagnosed with what we now know is Type 1 or juvenile diabetes, the medical community considered it a death sentence. In The Fight to Survive, Caroline Cox weaves the heart-wrenching story of Hughes’ role in a medical discovery that stopped the disease in its tracks—only weeks before her imminent death.

The Insulin Express: One Backpack, Five Continents, and the Diabetes Diagnosis That Changed Everything

A travel memoir through thirty countries, a thousand insulin injections, and one man’s journey from despair to confidence. With tips and information from the American Diabetes Association.

The Johns Hopkins Guide to Diabetes

Living with diabetes is a balancing act of monitoring blood glucose, food intake, and medication. It makes sense that individuals who have diabetes do best when they understand their condition and how to control it. Written by a team of Johns Hopkins diabetes specialists, this authoritative guide will help people who have diabetes work effectively with their care team to control their diabetes and maintain good health.

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