raising a child with diabetes
Raising A Child With Diabetes

Linda Siminerio, RN, MS, CDE, and Jean Betschart, RN, MN, CDE

The third edition of American Diabetes Association Guide to Raising a Child with Diabetes features the latest advances in diabetes care and parenting advice from the diabetes experts. Full of problem-solving examples and easy-to-use tables, the book shows parents how to adjust insulin to allow for the foods children like to eat, care for a child with type 2 diabetes, handle sick days, and plan meals that are nutritious and balanced. The book also addresses how to play sports and games safely, help children maintain a busy schedule and still feel healthy and strong, negotiate the twists and turns of being “different,” and accept the physical and emotional challenges that life has to offer.

Published by the American Diabetes Association. ISBN 0-945448-48-1. US$14.95 (non-member) or US$11.95 (member) plus US$3.00 Shipping & Handling to US addresses when ordered from the ADA.1995

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