Sweet Invisible Body: Reflections on a Life With Diabetes

Lisa Roney

Now in paperback, this vivid and often beautifully written account of the realities of diabetes (Chicago Tribune) is essential reading for diabetics and their friends and families. Lisa Roney was diagnosed with diabetes just before her twelfth birthday. This is her candid and exquisitely written account of how the disease directly affects the choices she makes every day, in every aspect of her life, from food and exercise to career and family. What sets this apart from other testimonies about living with an illness is Roney’s remarkable willingness to reveal the usually hidden emotional consequences of her affliction: erosion of her self-esteem, feelings of vulnerability, the influence on her sexual choices, and heightened awareness of mortality. Full of wisdom, humor, and practical advice, Sweet Invisible Body will be welcomed by diabetics and their friends and families who have never before had a spokesperson as articulate, honest, and insightful as Lisa Roney.

“Lisa Roney wrote the book that inspired me to write about diabetes.  It was her voice that gave me hope during a very difficult time in my life.  It was her book that served as an oasis in the desert of disheartening information about diabetes.  Sweet Invisible Body proved to me that it was possible to be twenty something and live a vibrant life with diabetes, while still acknowledging the emotional spin-cycle.”

Kerri Sparling

Henry Holt & Company. 297 pages. Hardcover. US$ 23.95. ISBN 0-8050-5625-4.1999

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