Diabetes: An Emotional Journey

Renea Jo Zosel

This book is for families affected by diabetes. As you read through this journey, you will know that you are not alone with your desperation, anger, sorrow, fear, love, courage and resolve.

Every once in a while, a book comes along that captures the emotions that parents feel about having a child with diabetes. This book is one. In fact, this book is all about the emotions we feel as parents. It’s about the shock of diagnosis, the anguish when you can’t make it go away, the pain in looking at the eyes of a three-year-old who is asking, “Why do I have to get stuck with pins and needles all the time?” If you have a child with diabetes, get this beautifully hand bound hardcover book and, whenever a friend asks you about your child’s diabetes, simply let them read the book — but don’t let them take it out of your house. This book is too beautiful — and too important — to loan out. – JSH

Published by Zay Publishing. Hand bound hardcover, 75 pages. $24.95 ISBN 0-9743431-0-2.2003

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