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Diabetes Rising: How a Rare Disease Became a Modern Pandemic, and What to Do About It

Written by award-winning investigative journalist Dan Hurley, Diabetes Rising is a gripping expose of the quest for a cure for the disease that afflicts hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Diabetes Through the Looking Glass: Seeing diabetes from your child’s perspective

Combining her own experience with interviews with children and adults who share their stories, Dr Besser provides an illuminating insight into what it feels like to grow up with diabetes.

Diabetes: An Emotional Journey

This book is for families affected by diabetes. As you read through this journey, you will know that you are not alone with your desperation, anger, sorrow, fear, love, courage and resolve.

Diabetic Athlete’s Handbook

Don’t let diabetes slow you down. Whether you’re a recreational exerciser or a competitive athlete, the Diabetic Athlete’s Handbook has the training and performance advice you need to remain active and at the top of your game.

Finish Line Vision

Jay Hewitt will take you on a journey, telling you his remarkable story of overcoming type 1 diabetes to qualify and race on the US national triathlon team, balancing grueling physical training with work as an attorney, diabetes, and life as a husband and father. He provides research on the neuropsychology of achievement with examples of high achievers in history.

Gluten Freedom

World-renowned gluten-related disorders expert Dr. Alessio Fasano presents the groundbreaking roadmap to a gluten-free lifestyle, and how millions can live better by going gluten free.

Growing Up With Diabetes: What Children Want Their Parents to Know

Using personal experiences, both her own and those of the kids with diabetes that she counsels, the author covers the issues that often lead to strained relationships and even battles.

Help With The Hard Stuff

Help With the Hard Stuff is a workbook designed for teens diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and their parents.

Kids First Diabetes Second: Tips for Parenting a Child with Type 1

Raising a child is a difficult job. Raising a child with a chronic illness such as diabetes can be a difficult job with a side order of special challenges. Leighann Calentine’s D-Mom Blog is an invaluable resource for parents and caregivers of children with diabetes.

My Life as a Pancreas: Reflections on Raising a Child with Diabetes

An insightful and empathetic look at the challenges, both emotional and practical, which the parents of diabetic children face, My Life as a Pancreas offers a sympathetic perspective which communicates the supportive message to parents that “you are not alone”, and your reactions, difficulties, and struggles are shared.

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