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Practical Psychology for Diabetes Clinicians, 2nd Edition

Barbara J. Anderson, PhD, and Richard R. Rubin, PhD., CDE

Improve the outcomes of your diabetes treatment with the resource that covers hard-to-find topics such as empowerment, female eating disorders, and minority patients. Leading behavioral scientists have taken their findings on the latest behavioral information for diabetes management and translated them into practical guidelines. Six years worth of information packed into one book that covers: Understanding and Treating Professional Burnout Eating and Diabetes: A Patient-Centered Approach Smoking Cessation in Diabetes Working with Children Who Have Type 1 Diabetes Involving Family Members in Diabetes Treatment Recognizing and Managing Depression in Patients with Diabetes

“The reality of diabetes care is that more than 98% of the care is provided by the patient….” That statement, in chapter one of Practical Psychology for Diabetes Clinicians, 2nd Edition, sets the tone for the entire book. While patients look to their diabetes team for guidance and counsel, where do members of your diabetes team look? Well, this book could be one place, and therefore it should be of interest to parents and adults looking for tools to help them get the best possible diabetes care. The 23 chapters cover everything from type 1 in children and adolescents to dealing with both professional and patient burnout. While aimed at health care professional, the book is very easy to read and understand and will certainly help anyone looking to improve their diabetes care. Highly recommended.

Published by the American Diabetes Association. Paperback, 256 pages. $29.95. ISBN 1-58040-140-6.2002

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