Young Adult Type 1 Diabetes Realities

Nicole Johnson, DrPH, MPH, MA

Young adulthood is full of exciting discoveries, new adventures and lots of learning. For those young adults with type 1 diabetes, this time of life can be stressful and dangerous. This book is full of practical advice and first-person accounts of how to successfully manage the transition from dependence (life with Mom and Dad) to independence in life with type 1 diabetes.  

Nicole Johnson’s book, Young Adult Type 1 Diabetes Realities, enlists the help of several well-known adults with type 1 diabetes (Gary Hall, Jr., Phil Southerland, and Kerri Sparling, to name a few) and several knowledgeable health care professionals to offer advice and guidance to older teens and young adults on making a successful transition to adulthood with type 1 diabetes. There are precious few resources to help young people and their families through this challenging time, and Nicole does a great job of providing concrete guidance and advice. Young Adult Type 1 Diabetes Realities belongs in every family of older teens because it can help prepare the teen — and the parents — for the exciting transition to young adulthood. Recommended for older teens and young adults with type 1 — and their parents.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN 1499173148. Paperback, $10.99.2014

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