Device Trials and Demonstrations

Several sponsors offer device trials and demonstrations at FFL Orlando 2024. Some require pre-registration. Please use the links below to sign up. Space is very limited.


Tandem Mobi Device Trial

Get ready for wearability like never before with the Tandem Mobi system. Tandem Diabetes Care is thrilled to be offering FFL Orlando 2024 attendees the chance to demo the new Tandem Mobi without needing a prescription. Spots are limited. Register today to confirm your spot.

Toluca A


Medtronic Trial

Come learn about the Medtronic Extended™ infusion set and Extended™ reservoir, the only infusion set indicated for up to 7 days of wear, is designed for life with fewer interruptions. Connect with us to see and learn about the product firsthand. Pre-registration is recommended.

Sonora B


OmniPod Demo

Omnipod® invites you and your family to come learn about its Omnipod tubeless insulin delivery systems. Demonstrations are available on Wed., July 10th and Thurs., July 11th in Sonora A. Any interested adult living with T1D, caregiver to a child/teen with T1D, or child/teen with T1D and their caregiver present, may try the Pod on for size and have your questions answered. During this one-on-one experience you will meet with our team of clinical experts to experience the virtually painless insertion of the Pod cannula with saline and learn how the Omnipod 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System works using the Omnipod 5 Simulator App. We have limited space so please stop by the room/table starting at 9:00 am on July 10th to sign up for a spot. Walk ups are welcome as long as spots remain available. We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

Sonora A