Sunflower Team

The Sunflower Team helps our Fiffles with special accommodations

Lauren Salko lives in Park City, Utah with her fellow green band husband Jeremy and is graduate of Saint Anselm College. Lauren is a former professional skier who competed around the world in SkiCross. In her free time, Lauren loves skiing, mountain biking, and doing triathlons. As a person with diabetes, Lauren is very passionate about working with Children with Diabetes and could not be more excited to be a part of the youth programming staff this year!

Glenn Hartranft

Glenn Hartranft is the husband of Sandy Hartranft and is a software developer for SAP National Security Services in Newtown Square, PA. Glenn and Sandy have raised three remarkable sons and have enjoyed traveling the country in their downtime. Their youngest son Ben was diagnosed with autism at age two and Glenn spends much of his time with Benergy1 Presentations (benergy1.com) as Ben speaks at events and schools about his journey called, "Never Let go of Your Dreams." Glenn is looking forward to serving again in the youth program this year.

Heather Hawco-Gray lives in Whitby, Ontario, with her husband and two grown children. She has been learning about type 1 since December 27, 2004, when someone she loves was diagnosed. She attended her first Friends For Life Conference in Toronto in 2011 and, in 2016, she attended her first FFL Orlando Conference. As a mental health professional, she has attended many conferences over her 32 year career but felt this conference was one of the most informative, educational, supportive, and organized. The atmosphere of the conference made her feel very inspired. She met some amazing volunteers and families and left feeling motivated, hopeful, and connected. She decided then to be a part of something great and has been volunteering in both FFL Orlando and FFL Canada ever since. Heather loves being active, participating in "Mud Girl" races, practicing Muay Thai, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Lizzie Lackey was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 19 and attended her first Friends for Life conference four months later. She came away filled with so much hope and a sense of belonging that she has only missed one conference in the past 12 years. Friends for Life is her absolute favorite week of the year! During the other 51 weeks of the year, Lizzie is a Vision Therapist in Houston, TX. She loves working with kids of all ages.

Gabriela Santaniello is from Long Island, New York. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 11 years old. Gabriela first attended Friends for Life Orlando in 2022 and knew that she wanted to return and give back to this awesome community. She is a psychology undergrad student who hopes to further her education at a social work graduate school and then become a certified diabetes educator. Her seven-plus years of providing childcare has shown her that children are so resilient and strong, which is why she would love to become a pediatric diabetes educator. Gabriela is so excited to be working with kids who understand the high and lows of type 1 diabetes.

Vicki Zuhone is a former Missouri public school special education administrator, principal, teacher, and MO Department of Education IEP meeting facilitator. Now retired after 35 years, she enjoys being a grandparent, family vacations to national parks, and gardening. When her grandson Landon (T1D) was diagnosed at age eight, she helped normalize his daily schedule and used her special ed knowledge to help him thrive in his parochial school. Attending FFL Orlando 2022 and 2023 increased her confidence in his overnight care. She looks forward to volunteering so others can learn about their loved one’s T1D needs. Vicki also owns Educational Advocacy Consultants, LLC, which helps parents maneuver complicated special ed procedures.


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