On June 8, 2006, CWD's Quilt for Life was displayed on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in conjunction with the American Diabetes Association Call to Congress. CWD volunteers arrived at dawn to set up the 535 panels of the Quilt. By mid-morning, hundreds of ADA advocates and CWD families had arrived, enjoying the wonderful sunny weather.

At 10 am, the official presentation of the Quilt and ADA Rally began with a speech by CWD's Jeff Hitchcock, followed by Marissa Hitchcock, Dana Lewis, the ADA's Youth Ambassador, Karmeen Kulkarni, ADA's President of Health Care and Education, and Representative Carolyn McCarthy from New York. Afterwards, ADA delegates headed for Congress to meet with their elected officials, and CWD's staff and volunteers shared the Quilt for Life with visitors.

Mike Otten arranged for several people from CWD to meet with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Marissa Hitchcock brought along a signature panel for the Senator to sign.

Comments from a family who attended the showing:

As we arrived at the Quilt for Life on Thursday, Brooke anxiously ran to find her own square (quilt #317). Without any hesitation, she squatted down and placed her hand, which is now three plus years older and bigger, up against the one that is displayed on her quilt. Perhaps it was just the moment or what the quilts represent but as a mom I was touched by Brooke's curiosity to see how much her hand has grown. It's hard to believe that in August, we'll mark another year (4 in total) of living with a disease that has forever changed our lives.

Thank you for bringing, and sharing, the CWD Quilt for Life with our Nation's Capitol. Putting a story behind the disease will hopefully empower Congress to work harder & quicker with various organizations to ensure that we find a cure for everyone dealing with diabetes.

-- Connie, mom of Brooke, age 7, diagnosed August 2002

Jeff Hitchcock's speech at the first showing of the CWD Quilt for Life at the National Mall in Washington, DC in June of 2006

Bringing the Quilt for Life to Washington, D.C. was made possible through the generous support of LifeScan, Novo Nordisk, Abbott Diabetes Care, Animas Corporation, BD, Smiths Medical MD, Inc., and the American Diabetes Association.