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Friends for Life Orlando 2020 Virtual Exhibition Hall

Live Exhibition Hall Hours (All Times Eastern US)
Wednesday, July 15: 6:00 - 8:00 pm Only (No Booth Hours on Thursday or Friday)

Focus on Diabetes with “Dr. Ben” – Bernard Szirth, PhD

Wednesday 6:00 - 8:00 pm

6:10 pm – T1-DM, Retinal Findings at Friends for Life; a 16 year review in 20 minutes
6:40 pm – Pearls on your Pearls: Keeping an eye on Healthy Approach in Preventative Medicine in Type-1 DM
7:10 pm - Your Eyes and T1-DM in the Era of COVID-19


Helping You Thrive

Kids & Families


Welcome to ADA Imagine Camp

ADA x Beyond Type 1 Imagine Spotlights

ADA Imagine Adventure with Riding on Insulin

ADA Imagine Counselors

ADA Imagine Education

Safe at School

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UPDATED: School Guide
ADA Covid Page 2020 06 30
2020 Back to School - COVID
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CGM and Sensor Guidance for Schools
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Best Practices for Diabetes Technology - Caregiver Tipsheets

Focus on Diabetes

ADA Eye Health Stand Alone

The safety and effectiveness of EYLEA in pediatric patients have not been established.