CWD-JENIOUS Award: Supporting Diabetes Research

June 28, 2024

Children with Diabetes has collaborated with the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD) for over 20 years. This collaboration has recently led to developing a partnership to help foster the relationship between diabetes researchers and people living with diabetes and their families. As a part of this partnership, the CWD-JENIOUS Award was created to allow one young researcher from ISPAD to attend CWD’s Friends for Life (FFL) conference in Orlando.

The ISPAD JENIOUS group is the “Juniors in Educational Networking and International Research Opportunities: United States,” designed for young researchers who are starting to embark on their careers. The awardee will present their project to FFL families with diabetes and attend the conference and activities in Orlando. In 2022, the first winner was selected and came to Friends for Life from Poland.

After carefully reviewing and discussing the applicants’ research proposals, the awardee is chosen by the JENIOUS leadership and CWD leadership. Applications should be submitted according to CWD’s motto, “Focus on diabetes care today, expecting a cure tomorrow.”  The projects submitted using this form are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance
  • Innovation
  • Methodology
  • Feasibility
  • Impact

Past Winners:

Three editions of the JENIOUS-CWD award prize have been run so far! Dr. Arek Michalak (Poland) was the first award winner in 2022. His project is evaluating the knowledge and alcohol consumption habits of people with type 1 diabetes. His surveys are live and can be completed here, and his project is still ongoing. He presented a poster about his project to the families and attendees at Friends for Life Orlando 2022.

Here is what Dr. Michalak had to say about his experience at Friends for Life:

“Friends for Life 2022 was a wonderful experience on many levels. As a physician, I had a valuable opportunity to interact with an incredibly diverse type 1 diabetes community and witness their involvement with diabetes in real life, as well as earn some hands-on experience with various technologies. From a research perspective, the conference offered a thorough update on the current scientific advancements – and proved a great hub to meet other, more experienced scientists. And, finally, being a person with type 1 diabetes myself, I am grateful that I was able to experience this unique family-like atmosphere and meet so many like-minded people who might become my friends for life. I am immensely grateful for the JENIOUS-CwD Partnership that made all this possible.”

Dr. Laura Cudizio (Brazil) was the second award winner in 2023. The research project about diabetes care during school hours was boosted after being awarded in 2023. JENIOUS and CWD partnership allowed the research to be more representative worldwide. This is Laura´s testimonial:

This award is unique for so many reasons, but I´ll highlight two. JENIOUS is the best young researchers international community one can think of, as you have support for projects and, at the same time, make great connections (and even better friends). Friends for Life is the most amazing meeting of people with diabetes I have ever heard of, and I would never have experienced this without the Children and Diabetes Award.

JENIOUS and Children with Diabetes support were crucial for the research project’s remarkable outcome. I encourage all young researchers to apply – your dreams can come true!

Dr.Valentina Mancioppi (Italy) was the third award winner in 2024. She will attend Friends for Life in Orlando to present the preliminary results of the project “ SICK—A1D—Survey on SICK DAYS management in children and adolescents with T1D. ”

The authors of the two best proposals from this year will present their projects during the JENIOUS session at the ISPAD conference. Then ISPAD JENIOUS leadership and CWD’s clinical director, Marissa Town, will announce the winner of the fourth CWD-JENIOUS Award. The session will be on Wednesday, October 16, at 9:30 AM EST, and CWD will post the winner once the announcement is made.

Check the ISPAD JENIOUS webpage,, to discover more about the JENIOUS group and stay updated on the results of the projects awarded the JENIOUS-CWD awards!

Written by Marissa Town, RN, BSN, CDCES