FDA approves Fiasp for treatment of children with diabetes

January 7, 2020

The team at Novo Nordisk has been busy this month. Yesterday, their team sent out a press release announcing that the FDA has approved Fiasp insulin for the treatment of children with diabetes.

According to the release, “Fiasp is now available for use in children and adults in three different dosing options: multiple daily injections (MDI), continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion pumps and intravenous infusion under supervision by a healthcare professional.”

“As a parent of a son living with type 1 diabetes, I know first-hand how tough it can be to address the inevitable blood sugar spikes around mealtimes,” said Todd Hobbs, vice president and U.S. chief medical officer of Novo Nordisk. “Children can be unpredictable and having the option of a fast-acting insulin that doesn’t require pre-meal dosing like Fiasp is a welcome development for the diabetes community.”

For more information on Fiasp and prescribing information, visit their website.