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Join the Circle of Friends

September 4, 2019

Did you know that one of the CWD Board members is offering up a $25,000 matching gift to support this organization? Our goal is to provide world-class education and information to the diabetes community, and with your help, we can make Friends for Life a reality for more families living with diabetes.

The Elementary Group waves hello

Because of Friends for Life, we’re able to connect with one another. We find ways to learn and grow with diabetes along for the ride. We restore our hope. We renew our strength. Even in the moments when we’re not together in person, the green bracelets and orange bracelets take good care of each other all year long.

Because of diabetes, we don’t make insulin but we still make a difference. We still make our lives incredible.  And with the generosity of this incredible community, we have a chance to reach our goal.