Join the #CWDiabetesMonth Challenge!

November 1, 2019

It’s Diabetes Month (aka National Diabetes Awareness Month, or Diabetes Awareness Month), when society spends some time taking a peek into the life of people with diabetes.  This is our chance to show people what diabetes is all about, from the treatments and tools we’re fighting to have access for, to the ways that food and exercise influence blood sugars, to the stigma and misconceptions consistently in play for our community.

But for those of us living with diabetes, every month is diabetes month.  We’re very aware.  🙂

We’re excited to see what the diabetes community brings to the awareness table this month, and we’re excited to have some projects of our own.  This month, there are a lot of things you can do to raise your voice with CWD:

  • Participate in the #CWDiabetes social media challenge – details over on Instagram and Facebook … and here’s a list of the prompts! No pressure to participate every day – pick the prompts you like and share what works for you!

  • Share your diabetes story – the good, the bad, and the boluses – with our own CWD Editorial team.
  • Take a moment to educate a friend, family member, or complete stranger about what it’s really like to live with diabetes.
  • Support the diabetes organizations that mean most to you (and we’re hoping to be one of them.)

But most of all, you do you when it comes to Diabetes Month. Advocacy is awesome and awareness is amazing but diabetes burnout can come in all forms, so jump in where you feel comfortable and also give yourself “Permission To Miss Out”  (aka “PTMO”) as needed.

We’re here for you all year long, and our advocacy isn’t going anywhere.  Happy Diabetes Month, Fiffles!!  Thank you for everything that you do!