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Baqsimi Nasal Powder Glucagon Approved by FDA

July 25, 2019

A new option for treating severe hypoglycemia has been approved by the FDA – Baqsimi nasal powder glucagon, from Eli Lilly and Company. According to the press release, “Baqsimi, which is a powder administered into the nose, will come in a single-use dispenser that can be given to someone suffering from a severe hypoglycemic episode. […]

From Email to FFL

July 23, 2019

Did you know that Friends for Life started with one, simple email from a CWD mom? Twenty years ago, Laura Billetdeaux sent out an email with a quick query:  “Our family has a vacation planned the first week in June in Disney World. Would anyone like to come with us?”  And when 550 people showed […]


July 10, 2019

Looking to keep up with the latest from our 20th (!) Friends for Life conference next week? Follow the official hashtag #FFLOrlando19 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for as-they-happen stories from FFL.

It Happened at FFL …

July 9, 2019

“In that one moment, I knew this was where I belonged.” Julia shares a story from her first Friends for Life conference, where she found her first “diabetes moms,” and why this moment was such a game-changer for her. So many moments like this happen during the magical week that is Friends for Life. Whether […]

Speaker Spotlight: Cherise Shockley

July 2, 2019

We are proud to have powerhouse advocate Cherise Shockley as part of our 2019 Orlando faculty.  She’ll be joining a panel of diabetes online community leaders to talk about peer support and how the Internet can make a difference in your diabetes care. Cherise was diagnosed with LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in adults) June 2004. […]

Behind the Scenes with FFL Faculty and Friends

July 1, 2019

Wondering who is behind some of your favorite Friends for Life sessions and programs?  Your FFL Chats host Sam Billetdeaux, living with type 1 diabetes, sits down with a dozen different Friends for Life personalities to talk diabetes, their experiences at FFL, and how they make diabetes work for them. Check out the full slate […]

Team Orange

June 25, 2019

For seasoned Friends for Lifers, the green and orange bracelets show us that we’re not alone.  Green bracelets are for people living with diabetes, and orange bracelets are worn by people without diabetes who support a friend or family member with diabetes. These groups support one another, and the difference they make is felt in […]

Speaker Spotlight: Justin Masterson

June 21, 2019

Justin Masterson is a strategist and designer heavily rooted in the pursuit of deep human insight. His career began as a news anchor and feature producer for NPR, where he learned that every story is a human story, and that even the most complex problems are, at their core, human problems. He was thrilled to find […]

Won’t You Be my Fiffle?

June 20, 2019

“Fiffles have truly become my family and the experience of finding true friendship at a diabetes conference goes far beyond a diagnosis of diabetes.” Whether you call them “eff-eff-ells” or “fiffles,” the friends you make at Friends for Life will help make living with diabetes easier.  And this week, we’re very proud to host an […]

FFL Chats on YouTube

June 12, 2019

Sam Billetdeaux sat down with some of our Friends for Life faculty last summer, and the result is our new FFL Chats series on YouTube.  Hear from a duo with orange bracelets, a T1D strongman, a CWD board member, and more talking about their experiences at Friends for Life and why Children with Diabetes is […]