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Telemedicine and Diabetes

January 27, 2021

One of the silver linings of the pandemic is that many health care providers, and organizations of all types for that matter, have been thrust into the world of all-things virtual. This has been really helpful for many people who have to drive hours to see their health care team, and helps people keep their […]

What is Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease?

January 20, 2021

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is a condition where you have too much fat built up in your liver, and it can cause damage. It is estimated that 10-20% of the United States population has this condition and it can be hard to identify because many of the symptoms are silent.1 One of the major […]

From Laura: What Comes Next

January 20, 2021

For the past 22 years, I have been at the helm of CWD’s conferences. Friends for Life events large and small, inside the US, outside the US, and all around the country. It’s been all-consuming in the most wonderful way. I love going to new venues, meeting their events teams, hearing what they have to […]

You’re Just my Type (of Diabetes)

January 13, 2021

Diabetes started out as one condition describing “sweet urine,” and then evolved into type 1 and type 2. Now there are many known variations of diabetes, and a new article in the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine discusses the importance of knowing someone’s diabetes type. Generally speaking, people with type 2 diabetes still produce some […]

Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on glycemic control in children and adolescents

January 6, 2021

Many (or all) of us are becoming burnt out from the pandemic and all of the changes in our normal habits and schedules. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought various stages of lockdown to different parts of the world, and in some places it was shown to improve blood glucose control (such as in Spain.)  But […]

Time to Curl Up with a Good Book!

January 1, 2021

The seasons are changing; days are getting shorter, weather is getting colder, and there is NO better time to curl up with a good book! Our CWD Library is full of curated titles from the diabetes space, featuring characters living with diabetes, written by authors living with diabetes, or sharing information that benefits people with diabetes. […]

Want to join the team?

December 28, 2020

Whether you are looking to continue your training, jumpstart your year’s activity motivation or if you just want to get involved in a CWD community that is a little more focused on activity, visit the TeamCWD page! Here, we are all about peer support and motivation when it comes to being active. Being active doesn’t […]

Writing Diabetes into a Feature Film: A Discussion with Screenwriter Chris Sparling

December 1, 2020

Ever wonder how writers bring diabetes to the big screen?  Our team connected with Chris Sparling, screenwriter for the upcoming movie GREENLAND, to find out more about weaving diabetes into the narrative. From IMDB:  A family fights for survival as a planet-killing comet races to Earth. John Garrity (Gerard Butler), his estranged wife Allison (Morena […]

Thanksgiving Carb Counts

November 25, 2020

Looking for fewer SWAG* boluses this Thanksgiving? Here’s a handy holiday meal carb counting resource that you can save on your smartphone and pull out discreetly while calculating a bolus. For more tips on how to handle the holidays, visit our holiday meal tip page!   *  SWAG – scientific, [email protected]$$ guess

Creating a Green & Orange Future

November 20, 2020

A message from CWD’s Director of Development, Matt Point: Dear Fiffles, Thank you for your outpouring of support this week for our $15,000 Challenge! We told you that a generous CWD supporter has offered a $15,000 donation to Children with Diabetes IF we can do something we’ve never done before – receive 250 individual donations […]