Resolutions 2020

December 27, 2019

Marking the start of a new year usually has people thinking about the changes they’d like to make.  Sometimes it’s a goal to lose weight, or start exercising.  Other times, resolutions can include joining a reading club, or donating to more charities, or spending more time with friends and family.

For people with diabetes, a list of new year’s resolutions almost always includes something diabetes-related. From investigating coverage for a continuous glucose monitor to resolving to change your lancet every. darn. time you check, diabetes provides the opportunity for plenty of progress.  We talked with our CWD community on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see what our fellow Fiffles have on their resolution list:

“To continue to use my voice to advocate for those with T1D who also struggle with mental illness, and use my relation to Banting to advocate for better access to insulin.”

“Come to terms with the fact that my son needs to start school in the fall and let go to believe that the school nurse and his teacher will cooperate and take my son’s t1d seriously. I will do everything I can to breathe and loosen the reins.”

“To survive my deductible!”

“I’m working on putting my mental health as high a priority as my diabetes-specific health.”

“I’ve learned A1C doesn’t grade me on my daughter’s care! Time in range is all that matters! Yay for Dexcom & Clarity – we’ve got this.”

“Change my needle every time”

“Get my A1c down and to maybe try a new pump! Also to be more vocal and advocate harder and spread more awareness!”

What’s on your list of 2020 changes?  We want to hear them!  Join the discussion on our social channels!