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Xeris Pharmaceutical Gets FDA Approval

September 10, 2019

The team at Xeris Pharmaceutical has been given regulatory approval from the FDA for their ready to use liquid glucagon. According to the press release, “GVOKE is the first premixed, prefilled, premeasured liquid glucagon offering ease of use for pediatric and adult patients with diabetes ages 2 years and above or caregivers to rapidly treat severe hypoglycemic events.”

Our own Jeff Hitchcock weighed in on the approval of GVOKE. “Until now, many people may have been hesitant to use conventional glucagon kits because the complex preparation felt confusing and perhaps overwhelming. With GVOKE as a new glucagon option, we gain an easy to use and effective solution to a dangerous and stressful event,” said Jeff Hitchcock, founder and president of Children with Diabetes.

Low blood sugars can be a very stressful and scary part of life with diabetes, so having options to effectively treat hypoglycemia is a powerful step forward for our CWD family. We’re keeping close tabs on what comes next from the team at Xeris and will update you here accordingly.