Prescription Laws and Access to Insulin Resources


The laws around diabetes-related prescriptions vary from state to state and country to country.  Here you'll find a frequently-updated list of requirements and resources to keep you informed. These laws refer to in-person purchases within a state and may not reflect laws or regulations related to shipping products into a state.

Note: Insulin analogs require a prescription in the United States

Alabama No No
Alaska Yes Yes There are some reports that indicate prescriptions are not needed for either insulin or syringes.
Arizona No No * * For syringes, some pharmacies may require prescriptions
Arkansas No No
California No No * * For syringes, some pharmacies may require prescriptions
Colorado No No * * For syringes, some pharmacies may require prescriptions
Connecticut No Yes * * Can get up to 10 days worth without a prescription
Delaware No Yes
District of Columbia No No * * With DM ID or insulin purchase
Florida No No for adults. Illegal to provide syringes to minors without Rx
Georgia No No
Hawaii No No data
Idaho No No May ask for ID
Illinois No No
Indiana No No * * Must sign a logbook
Iowa No No
Kansas No No * * Most pharmacies, if purchased with insulin
Kentucky No No
Louisiana No No
Maine No Yes
Maryland No No * * Must sign a logbook
Massachusetts No No
Michigan No No
Minnesota No * No * Some pharmacies may require a one-time only prescription for insulin which has unlimited refills.
Mississippi No No
Missouri No No
Montana No No
Nebraska No No
Nevada No No
New Hampshire No No
New Jersey No Yes * * Might be waived with ID
New Mexico No No
New York No No The pharmacy can choose whether or not to require a prescription for syringes. If the pharmacy does sell syringes without a prescription, it can only dispense 10 syringes at a time, and it cannot give them to anyone under 18 years old.
North Carolina No No
North Dakota No No
Ohio No No
Oklahoma No No * * Some local municipalities require a prescription
Oregon No No
Pennsylvania No No
Rhode Island No No
South Carolina No No
South Dakota No No
Tennessee No No
Texas No No * * May vary by region
Utah No No * * Some pharmacies may ask for a prescription, and some will not sell syringes after 10:00 pm, even if you have a prescription.
Vermont No No
Virginia No * No * Report of yes in Northern Virginia
Washington (state) No No
West Virginia No No
Wisconsin No No
Wyoming No No

Patient Assistance Resources

Australia Yes No * Prescription not needed for syringes with a National Diabetic Supplies Card
Austria Yes No
Belgium Yes Yes
Bulgaria No No
Canada No No * * May vary by province
Costa Rica No No
France No * No * [U100]
Germany Yes No
Ireland Yes Yes
Italy No * No * [U40, U100 pens available]
Mexico No No
Philippines No No
Puerto Rico No No
New Zealand No * No ** * [U100] Novo & Lilly available, Novo more widely used. One respondent indicates prescription needed for insulin, but not for syringes. ** may require proof of diabetes
Slovenia Yes No
Switzerland No * No * [U100]
Turkey No No
United Kingdom Yes * No ** * [U100] ** May require proof of diabetes