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Children with Diabetes - Past Polls

Each week we ask our readers to share their experiences living with type 1 diabetes, and each week, our CWD community grows and learns together.

Visit our Current Poll to see this week's poll, or review the results of previous polls below. And if you have a poll question that you'd like to see asked, contact us!

How long have you (or your family member) had diabetes? (Oct 2 - Oct 9)

What insulin regimen do you use? (Sept 25 - Oct 2)

Do you use artificial sweeteners/sugar substitutes? (Sep 18-25, 2019)

What do you or your child most often use to treat hypoglycemia? (Sep 11-Sep 18, 2019)

How much of your family's diabetes life do you share online? (Sep 4-Sep 11, 2019)

What's the most important technology tool in your diabetes toolbox? (Aug 28-Sep 4, 2019)

Would you or your child participate in a clinical trial? (Aug 21-28, 2019)

Do you have a 504 plan for school? (Aug 14-21, 2019)

Do you see a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) as part of your care team? (Aug 7-14, 2019)

Have you ever used glucagon to treat a low blood sugar? (Jul 31-Aug 7, 2019)

Has your family participated in TrialNet? (Jul 24-31, 2019)

How do you decide which diabetes devices to use? (Jul 10-24, 2019)

How do you handle misinformation and misconceptions about diabetes from strangers? (Jul 3-10, 2019)

How much of a financial burden does paying for all of your diabetes supplies place on your family? (Jun 26-Jul 3, 2019)

Do you take special precautions with your insulin in the summer heat? (Jun 19-26)

Have you considered using a DIY closed loop system? (Jun 12-19, 2019)

Do you and your doctor talk about diabetes information you find online? (Jun 5-12, 2019)

Do you have your most recent basal rates, insulin-to-carb ratios, and correction factors written down? (May 29-Jun 5, 2019)

What do you think is the hardest part of diabetes? (May 22-29, 2019)

For CGM users, how often do you make insulin dosing decisions based solely on your CGM readings? (May 15-22, 2019)

Have you considered adding medications designed for people with type 2 diabetes (e.g., metformin, GLP-1s, SGLT-2s) to your diabetes care regimen (i.e., in addition to insulin)? (May 8-15, 2019)

Does your diabetes team provide mental health support (e.g., a psychologist or social worker)? (May 1-8, 2019)

Do you have a diabetes emergency kit prepared? (Apr 24-May 1, 2019)

When did you last refill your glucagon prescription? (Apr 17-24, 2019)

How confident are you in your ability to manage sick days and diabetes? (Apr 10-17, 2019)

For teens and adults with diabetes: How often do you check your blood sugar before you drive? (Apr 3-10, 2019)

If you are running out of insulin before you are due to renew your prescription, what do you do? (Mar 27-Apr 3, 2019)

Parents, at what age did you get a mobile phone for your child with type 1 diabetes? (Mar 6-13, 2019)

When do you usually bolus for a meal? (Jan 31-Mar 6, 2019)

Has diabetes changed how well you sleep? (Jan 23-30, 2019)

Were you or your child in DKA at diagnosis? (Jan 16-23, 2019)