Has your family participated in TrialNet?

October 20 - 27, 2021


Has your family participated in TrialNet?
Yes, my family has been screened
No, but we are planning to get screened
No, we decided not to get screened
We need more information to decide
I don't know what TrialNet is

TrialNet is an international network dedicated to the prevention of type 1 diabetes. We're honored to have them as part of our Friends for Life conferences, where they offer free screening to attending families. With a simple blood test, they can screen for antibodies that may shed light on the probability of a type 1 diabetes diagnosis.

The decision to screen or not to screen is a very personal one, and each family needs to decide for themselves how to proceed. There's no wrong answer to the question "Will you screen for antibodies using TrialNet?" But screening does contribute positively to the advancement of scientific research designed to prevent T1D. You can help move the needle on diabetes prevention, and that’s a powerful choice.

The CWD team gently encourages anyone interested in screening to connect with TrialNet and find out more information, and also schedule a screening.