Has your medical team provided you with information about DKA?

April 29 - May 6, 2020


Has your medical team provided you with education about DKA?
Yes, and we feel informed.
Yes, but we still have some questions.
Maybe - I'm not sure.
No, but I haven't asked.
No, and I need to ask.
What is DKA?

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a very serious complication of high blood sugar. DKA happens when there isn't enough insulin in your body to help your cells burn glucose for energy, so the body begins to burn fat instead, creating ketones. Ketones work to break down fat for energy, and they build up in your blood. This buildup can make you very, very sick as it makes your blood more acidic, essentially poisoning the body.

In our poll from the last week of April, we wanted to know if our CWD families were receiving information about DKA from their medical team, and a resounding 56% of respondents said yes, and they feel informed.  A quarter of respondents said that they haven't asked, and hopefully the poll has inspired them to follow up and get informed.

For more information on DKA and how to recognize the signs, consult our DKA fact page.