How can the CWD community better support siblings?

Janury 8 - 15, 2020


How can the CWD community better support siblings?
Share stories from siblings of PWD
Offering programming at FFL for siblings
Create videos from/about sibling perspectives
Include more PWD siblings in our marketing
Study the sibling experience through research
Something else - email us!

We all know that diabetes doesn't just affect the person with diabetes; this is a health condition that affects the family. For the siblings of people with diabetes, there can be a dynamic in play that makes diabetes a unifier or a polarizer, and sometimes both on any given day.

Children with Diabetes believes in supporting and nurturing the whole family, which means providing resources and community for siblings.

According to our poll, our CWD family wants to see more programming at Friends for Life, specifically for siblings (yay Team Orange!!), and also to see the sibling experience studied through research.  And we know that our talented volunteers and staff will take this wish list and make them a reality for upcoming Friends for Life events.  Thank you for your feedback, and make sure you high-five a CWD sibling when you see one.