When was the last time you changed your lancet?

July 1 - 8, 2020


When was the last time you changed your lancet?
We change the lancet every time we do a finger stick!
We change the lancet once a week.
We change the lancet once a month.
We change the lancet when it feels like it needs to be changed, as we're mostly using CGM for data.
... you're supposed to change the lancet?

You've heard the old diabetes joke ... change your lancet when it's time to change the clocks!  (This is not a joke; don't wait that long to change your lancet.  It needs to be changed regularly.) Our CWD community is on the up-and-up when it comes to lancet swaps, changing their lancet every time they test (23%) or skipping fingersticks almost entirely and instead relying on CGM results for their data fix (32%).

Good for you, friends!  It's important to make sure you're lancing fingertips with a clean, sterile lancet, as it reduces the risk of infection.  So all jokes and memes about lancet changes aside (have you heard about the one that says a box of 100 lancets can truly last a PWD's lifetime, with 99 to spare?), make sure you're pricking your finger with safety and good health habits in mind.