Children with Diabetes - Polls from 2021


Each week we ask our readers to share their experiences living with type 1 diabetes, and each week, our CWD community grows and learns together.

Visit our Current Poll to see this week's poll, or review the results of previous polls below. And if you have a poll question that you'd like to see asked, contact us!

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Do you make diabetes-related new year's resolutions? (Dec 29)

Have you ever used inhaled insulin? (Dec 22)

For moms, how do you cope with your child's diabetes? (Dec 15)

For pumpers, do you have long acting insulin to use when you have pump failure? (Dec 8)

Does diabetes affect your sleep? (Dec 1)

Do you talk to your doctor if you’re struggling to pay for diabetes supplies? (Nov 24)

How often do you pre-bolus for meals or snacks? (Nov 17)

What diabetes information do you wish you had more of? (Nov 10)

Do you prefer "person with diabetes" or "diabetic?" (Nov 3)

How do you plan to handle the Halloween candy haul? (Oct 27)

Has your family participated in TrialNet? (Oct 20)


For insulin pump users, how often do you test your basal rates? (Oct 13)

How often do you download and review your diabetes data? (Oct 6)

Do you or your child use a smart insulin pen? (Sep 29)

How do you usually check for ketones? (Sep 22)

How long have you (or your loved one) been living with diabetes? (Sep 15)

Do you follow a specific food philosophy? (Sep 8)

Are you planning to get your flu shot? (Sep 1)

Do you use overlay tapes to help keep your diabetes devices stuck? (Aug 25)

Do you have a diabetes emergency kit? (Aug 18)

Which glucagon do you use to treat severe low blood sugar? (Aug 11)


Do you bolus for coffee? (Aug 4)

Do you have a mental health provider as part of your diabetes team? (Jul 28)

How often do you (or does your PWD) exercise? (Jul 21)

How do you advocate for diabetes? (Jul 14)

What's your preferred low glucose treatment? (Jul 7)

How consistent are you about injection and device site rotation? (Jun 30)

How does the phrase "diabetes cure" make you feel? (Jun 23)

Where do you find the most diabetes emotional support? (Jun 16)

Does the heat affect your (or your CWD's) blood sugars? (Jun 9)

How often do you have your eyes checked? (Jun 2)


Do you rotate your injection and device sites regularly? (May 26)

How often do you have your (or your child's) A1C checked? (May 19)

Is connecting with your diabetes peers an important part of how you manage diabetes? (May 12)

Do you change your lancet every time you do a finger stick? (May 5)

Do you use a CGM (continuous glucose monitor)? (Apr 28)

Do you experience diabetes device-related skin irritation? (Apr 14)

Do you share your CGM data? (ex. Dexcom Share) (Apr 7)

How do you handle diabetes disclosure? (Mar 31)

Have you ever used glucagon to treat a low blood sugar? (Mar 24)

What is your relationship to diabetes? (Mar 17)


What are your PWD's low blood sugar symptoms? (Mar 10)

Does your PWD take a vitamin D supplement? (Mar 3)

What kind of diabetes support do you value most? (Feb 24)

What glucose tab flavor do you WISH existed? (Feb 17)

How do you and your family stay fit in the winter months? (Feb 10)

Have you or your loved one with diabetes been tested for celiac disease? (Feb 3)

Do you participate in diabetes research studies? (Jan 27)

Where do you keep a running list of questions for your medical team? (Jan 20)

Do you seek out books about diabetes? (Jan 13)

Adults with diabetes: Has your diagnosis led you to a career as a healthcare professional? If so, which one? (Jan 6)