Children with Diabetes - Polls from 2022


Each week we ask our readers to share their experiences living with type 1 diabetes, and each week, our CWD community grows and learns together.

Visit our Current Poll to see this week's poll, or review the results of previous polls below. And if you have a poll question that you'd like to see asked, contact us!

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Are your goals for the new year diabetes related? (December 28)

If you are living with T1D or if you have a child with T1D, have you/your child been bullied for having type 1 diabetes? (December 21)

Do you feel that diabetes is more difficult to manage around holidays or other family gatherings? (December 14)

Have you tried an SGLT2 inhibitor with T1D? (December 7)

How likely are you to screen other family members for autoantibodies now that there is a treatment available to help delay diabetes onset? (November 30)

How confident are you in keeping your glucose levels (or your loved one's) in a safe range while drinking alcohol? (November 23)

How much do you feel guilt plays a role in your parenting your child with diabetes, or your child(ren) without diabetes? (November 16)

How often have you experienced stigma related to diabetes? (October 26)

How do you manage Halloween with your child with diabetes–or for yourself if you're an adult with diabetes? (October 19)

How often does diabetes affect your mood? (October 12)

Did you or your child have a virus before being diagnosed with T1D? (October 5)

When you do an extended bolus/dual wave bolus, what's the ratio you most often use? (September 28)

What symptoms do you/your child with type 1 diabetes experience when you are low? (September 21)

What is the most common skin issue you have dealt with related to your diabetes or diabetes devices? (September 14)

Which Hybrid Closed Loop System are you using? (September 7)

How has your experience working with your child's school been? (August 31)

How many extra supplies do you usually take with you during travel? (August 24)

How often have you or your child with diabetes felt like you've experienced high levels of diabetes distress? (August 17)

Have you ever taken probiotics, prebiotics, or other supplements...? (August 10)

Has your endocrinologist or diabetes team discussed pregnancy and contraception with you? (August 3)

Yes, I can eat that: Answering Diabetes Questions (July 27)

Have you taken Paxlovid with T1D? (July 20)

How many Friends for Life conferences have you attended? (July 13)

When you adjust your or your child's insulin, do you...? (June 29)

How does the heat affect your blood glucose? (June 22)

Do you have a severe weather diabetes emergency kit prepared? (June 15)

Have you had your other children or yourself get screened for autoantibodies for T1D? (June 8)

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of alarms you receive for diabetes management? (June 1)

How do you prevent low blood sugars related to exercise? (May 25)

Do you have ketone strips (urine or blood) that are not expired on hand? (May 18)

Do you think you have experienced depression in the last 5 years related to diabetes? (May 11)

How have periods of insulin resistance impacted your diabetes? (May 4)

For adults with type 1: How do you cope with stress? (April 27)

How confident do you feel in your knowledge about diabetes and kidney health? (April 20)

Have you ever fasted with type 1 diabetes? (April 13)

Have you or your child with type 1 diabetes ever attended diabetes summer camp? (April 6)

Do you have a glucagon in case of an emergency low? (March 30)

How much do you worry about complications? (March 23)

What is you/your child's experience with diabetes burnout? (March 16)

Do you experience any of the following during your menstrual cycle? (March 9)

How much does the cost of insulin impact your diabetes care? (Mar 2)

Where have you learned about different #DiabetesHacks that have helped you in your diabetes management? (Feb 23)

Have you participated in a research study? (Feb 16)

Young adults/adults: Who has helped you most prepare to take care of your diabetes? (Feb 9)

If you are interested in losing weight, what has helped you most? (Feb 2)

Are you/your family member with diabetes using a Hybrid Closed-Loop System for diabetes management? (Jan 26)

How often do you change up your insulin regimen? (Jan 19)

How often do you have unexpected blood sugars after bolusing for a meal? (Jan 12)

How has the COVID 19 pandemic affected your diabetes? (Jan 5)