Do you talk to your doctor if you’re struggling to pay for diabetes supplies?

November 24 - December 1, 2021


Do you talk to your doctor if you’re struggling to pay for diabetes supplies?
Yes, I share those concerns and ask for help.
Yes, I bring it up and hope they'll offer help.
I haven't brought it up yet but I want to.
I don't bring it up.

From insulin to glucose meter test strips to continuous glucose monitors to insulin pumps to doctor's visits ... the list of what it takes to manage diabetes is long, exhausting, and expensive. The diabetes community as a whole is well-aware of the literal and figurative cost of diabetes, but finding places to turn for assistance can be a struggle.

Many people in our CWD community understand this struggle, and according to our poll, families are sharing financial concerns with their doctors and asking for help. There is, however, a group of folks who remain silent, and we're hoping that these people with diabetes will take their concerns about cost to their clinicians. Writing questions and concerns ahead of time can help empower patients to raise their voices, and bringing a friend or family member can also encourage productive discussions.

The three major insulin providers in the US offer assistance programs to help people who are struggling to pay for their insulin:

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